Edward, Eve and Ben

in the close relationships between staff and students. In my last year at Sibford, and as Fry House Captain, I aim to make a difference in this small community. I am looking forward to

my next step after Sixth Form, and I know that the

size. Everyone knows everyone. There is always the support you need from staff members, especially the Head of Sixth Form, and also from peers. I am really looking forward to spending my last year of school at Sibford, before going to university.

Yutaka (Boarding Captain) M

y time at Sibford started when I was 9, and the school has, without a doubt, helped me become

who I am today. With its accepting and inclusive environment, I

know from personal experience that Sibford focuses on the individual, allowing them to find their own passions and become the best they can, while encouraging values of kindness and respect. This is something that has continued at Sixth Form. An outstanding quality of teaching coupled with small classes has allowed me to flourish in my studies. Meanwhile, the extra-curricular opportunities have enabled me to build my confidence, all while belonging in a vibrant and happy community. Year 12 and 13 inevitably throws up new, often challenging, obstacles to overcome. However, I believe Sibford is the best place to face these challenges and because of my time in the Sixth Form, I believe I am ready and prepared for the real world. I know I will leave Sibford as a well-rounded and

resilient human being with many happy memories. Edward (Clarke House Captain)


have been at Sibford since Year 7, and I have really enjoyed my time here. I really enjoy the atmosphere of the school, and am grateful for the strong sense of respect


staff at Sibford will assist me in any path I choose to take.

Octavia (Fry House Captain) I

joined Sibford school in Year 7, and the moment I walked through the door I

entered into a world of opportunities. Sibford really helped me to open up as a person and not be scared of taking opportunities; no matter how big. Coming to Sibford gave me the extra support I needed to reach my full potential. The arts and sports departments are welcoming and engaging, offering opportunities to people of all levels. I have a very positive relationship with all

my teachers and I feel comfortable about asking them for advice and guidance. Next year I aim to take a gap year in order

to do a ski season in the Alps, after that I intend to study Real Estate at university. Ben (Gillett House Captain)


have been at Sibford since Year 7, and I can happily say that with the help of

teachers and other students I have been able to reach my best potential. Sibford has been able to support me fully

in everything I do throughout my time here, and has really shaped me into the person I am today. I intend to study Law at university and I am confident that I will have the full support from all my teachers as I continue on my journey.

Eve (Fry House Captain)

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