Henry and Alastair

lthough I’ve only been at Sibford for one year, I am amazed by

how supportive everybody is. I settled in really quickly making lots of new friends and it was a great decision to move to Sibford for Sixth Form.

The 1:1 support that is on offer has made me more confident both as a person and in my studies. The warmth that the school has cannot be matched anywhere else; along with the small class sizes that allows me to excel in my subjects. Now going into my final year I hope to further my knowledge in my chosen subjects and go on to study


oining Sibford at the start of Year 12 was slightly nerve-racking as I had never

moved school before and was worried about meeting so many new people. However, within a week of being in

Sibford Sixth Form I felt like I had been warmly welcomed into the community. It felt like I had been here all my life. Over the past year I have progressed massively within my academic studies due to the excellent extra support that is provided at Sibford. There is such a wide range of choices at Sibford compared to my old school. I really wish I had moved here a long time ago so that I could have fully used all of the enrichment and extra curriculum activities provided. I am now in my final year and aim to go

to university to study rural land surveying. Henry (Management Team Member)

sport and exercise at university. Reuben (Sports Captain)


his is now my seventh year at Sibford. When I joined in Year 7, regardless of not knowing any

other students, I fitted into the nurturing school environment with ease. I have never experienced an environment in which I

have felt so comfortable and at home. Sibford has supported me throughout my entire time in the Senior School which has enabled me to grow in self-confidence and independence. My ambition is to study English Literature at

University, and I know that Sibford will ensure that I am successful in achieving my aim.

Sophie (Sports Captain) I

have been a student at Sibford for five years now and have enjoyed each year. As the time has gone

by I have become more confident in my studies and in my social life. I am an overseas student and initially found it very

hard learning something in a different language. But the teachers and pupils looked after me so well and I had good result in my GCSEs. Sibford School really does help you to do your best in your subjects. I am so glad that I didn’t change school when it came to moving to Sixth Form. Sibford is unique with its warm atmosphere and small class

Sophie, Reuben and Yutaka

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