Sixth Form Boarding S

ibford welcomes both day pupils and boarders. A number of our students choose one of our

boarding options after GCSEs because boarding can provide a valuable opportunity to experience independent living in preparation for university or leaving home.

Many Sixth Form students find that staff support and supervision in the evenings helps them focus on school work, manage distractions and gain the qualifications they are aspiring to achieve.

Our senior boarders also have the opportunity to

take responsibility for assisting in the organisation of extra-curricular activities and trips, and, overall, find that they are able to develop their self-confidence and leadership skills as senior members of the school community.

Our Sixth Form boarding house, Fielding House, is

staffed by friendly, experienced houseparents. They take a genuine interest in the academic and pastoral welfare of the students and work hard to create a family style environment in the house.

All students also have their own academic tutor

who, together with their houseparents and the Head of Sixth Form, is always available to help with academic work, aid with time management and encourage them in their ambitions.

Students live in study bedrooms which Year 12 are a mix of twin and single rooms, while in Year 13 each student usually has their own room.

Our boarding houses are co-educational and, whilst the sleeping areas are securely separated, the boys and girls share a communal area where they can relax, study and enjoy each other’s company. In the social areas they often watch films, play pool/games or form study groups together.

Many boarders see life at Sibford in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, as a little like life at a

campus university. As well as being able to take advantage of the school’s extensive facilities, there is also a varied activities programme, from outings to Oxford and other cities, to trips to the theatre and cinema, through to ice-hockey and trampolining excursions.

There are four different boarding options:

• Full boarding - where students stay for seven nights a week through the term (leaving only for the half term break and exeat weekends).

• Weekly boarding - where students are resident from Sunday night, through to Thursday night and leave school at the end of the day on Friday.

• Flexi-boarding - where students may wish to stay for a designated number of nights each week, typically varying between one and three nights.

• Occasional boarding - where a student might wish to stay in the event of an activity taking place at school or parents being away from home for a short period.

Where students wish to take advantage

of Flexi or Occasional boarding because they are staying late due to a school- related activity (such as sports’ fixtures, clubs, trips, open evenings etc.) we offer a discounted rate of 50%.

• If you are interested in finding out more about boarding please contact Victoria Baker Head of Boarding E:

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