Extended Project Qualification (worth more than 50% of an A Level)

ENTRY REQUIREMENT No specific GCSE requirements

This 1 year course provides an exciting and challenging opportunity for students to work on a project of their own choice under the guidance of a supervisor. This involves applying organisational skills and strategies to meet your stated objectives. Your supervisor will work with you to guide and facilitate your learning and to deliver taught skills such as project management, time management, research and presentation skills. Throughout the project you will have regular

tutorials and review meetings with your supervisor and record all aspects of your work in a project log. The format of the project will either be a 5,000 word report or an artefact such as a video, performance, CD, script, exhibition plus a 1,000 word report.

ASSESSMENT • No formal examinations. • The project is centre marked and externally moderated.

• Assessment falls into 4 key areas: 1. Planning and managing. 2. Research and use of resources. 3. Development and realisation of project. 4. Evaluation.

Everything you need to know about

the EPQ By Annabel Heseltine, editor of School House Magazine

“The EPQ can be thought of like a mini thesis. It presents pupils with a chance to pursue a topic of study which is totally of their own choosing and unconstrained by an exam syllabus. “There are a number of factors that have

led to its popularity in recent years. In the first instance, there can be little doubt that the desire to secure places at a leading Russell Group university is the key factor that motivates pupils to pursue it as a course of study. With fierce competition for places at the best universities, the EPQ is becoming one way in which pupils can stand out from the crowd. “The EPQ also allows pupils to do

something totally different and outside of the mainstream of their in-class subject choices. It gives pupils an opportunity to explore fields of study not open to them in the usual A Level subject choices.”

Success for Sibford students

In 2018 Sibford pupils gained some excellent EPQ results. Ed, whose project was about the Free

Press, gained an A*. Meanwhile A grades were awarded

to Eve, for her project on 21st Century Loneliness and Rowena for her project about modern slavery. In a written report, the exam moderator said: “It was an absolute pleasure to moderate the projects at this centre, especially the outstandingly mature project on the Free Press and the thoughtful and perceptive project on 21st Century Loneliness”.

Ed ... whose project on the Free Press gained him an A*.

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