Product News G is for Green

Williams new merchandisers are the most energy efficient ever.

Williams has launched its greenest multideck merchandisers ever, the G Series. Incorporating the standard energy saving features that have made Williams merchandisers some of the most popular in the industry, the G Series also includes new upgrades to further boost efficiency savings.

These are the first Williams multidecks to use a hydrocarbon refrigerant as standard, which helps to reduce energy consumption and has a low Global Warming Potential and zero Ozone Depletion Potential. Each unit uses a refrigerant charge of less than 150g, which removes the need for site inspections.

The G Series is designed to create an appealing display for a wide range of products. It comes fitted with self-closing front sliding or hinged glass doors as standard and has panoramic glass side panels to enhance visibility. The low emission thermic glass is double glazed and has inert gas between the panels, which helps to further improve efficiency. The shelves are adjustable to allow operators to alter the interior space to their exact requirements.

Other energy saving features include low energy fans and LED strip lights, as well as Williams’ innovative aerofin ticket strips. These control the flow of air inside the cabinet, stopping cold air escaping when the door is opened. As well as keeping the interior temperature stable, they further reduce energy use.

Taken in combination these features help to deliver energy savings of over 20% compared to traditional open-fronted merchandisers.

A full range of customisation options is available, including solid or glass rear loading doors, LED strip lighting under each shelf and a huge range of colours and finishes.

The G Series can be personalised further with Williams’ Chameleon vinyl wrap service. This uses hard wearing, food-safe vinyl to cover the units, allowing the equipment to fit in with the design of the business. Williams provides an in-house graphic design service if required, alternatively buyers can provide their own designs.

The G Series is available in three sizes (widths). The G70 is the smallest and ideal for tight spaces, with a width of

eCatering Expands Ice Machine Range

eCatering, one of the UK’s Leading and Lowest Price Online Catering Equipment Suppliers has expanded its’ ice machine options for customers in 2018. The supplier, who already boasts a wide range of these versatile units, has realised that customers want more choice and as more bars around the UK prepare for the festive season.

One of their popular models is the Quattro ZB26 Ice Machine which has a huge 26Kg a day output plus 7Kg storage. This comes with a fully automatic operation, optimised ratio of production and storage and superb quality insulation. Add to this FREE Mainland UK Delivery all for just £399 + VAT and you have a unit that is outrageously cost-effective.


Marketing Manager, Mike Morris, said “We always review our products and expanding our range and ensuring these are ready for fast delivery means we can supply these units cost-effectively for businesses and also keep up with demand.”

Their range now incorporates units from a table top, 15Kg an hour, ice crusher, to a 120Kg per day ice machine with 55Kg storage. If you’re looking for a Top Quality, cost-effective and efficient Ice Machine at a very low price, then look no further than eCatering’s range.

To find out more and see their incredible product ranges and savings, visit their website at:

just 710mm but with an impressive total display area of 1.32m². The largest, the G125, is 1250mm wide but with an area of 2.48m².

Williams Refrigeration offers a comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration including gastronorm cabinets and counters, specialist bakery equipment, coldrooms, merchandisers and blast chillers.

To learn more about Williams extensive product range visit:

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