Drink News Bottlegreen: Drinks That Stir the Senses

“Bottlegreen uses the finest natural fruits, roots and botanicals to produce great-tasting drinks that are inspired by global flavour trends,” says Mark Edge, Head of Soft Drinks at brand owner SHS Drinks.

“For soft drinks, mocktails and cocktails, adult consumers in the on-trade are seeking out ever-more innovative flavour combinations. Plus, people are increasingly looking for products made with superior ingredients. Quality and variety are the key watchwords – and bottlegreen, the UK’s No.1 elderflower brand, consistently delivers against both.

“Our intention is to always delight our consumers, irrespective of whether they choose bottlegreen as a great-tasting premium soft drink in its own right, or in cordial format as a cocktail ingredient. All bottlegreen products are uniquely cold- filtered to preserve the purity and freshness of their natural ingredients and deliver our goal of crisp, clean, perfectly balanced adult-oriented flavours,” explains Edge.

“Our ten refreshingly crisp sparkling bottlegreen pressés are fine blends of delicious natural ingredients and Cotswold spring water; they are targeted specifically at adults.

“With its unique bottle shape and illustration- style label graphics highlighting key ingredients, bottlegreen is an instantly recognisable premium offering that consumers feel confident being seen drinking. Our 275ml premium glass bottles never look out of place in on-trade settings and bottlegreen’s spectrum of flavours appeals widely.

Licensees should focus on the brands that consumers trust and recognise; bottlegreen is one such brand.

“Consumers have always enjoyed an extensive range of ready-to-drink bottlegreen pressé flavours - from favourites such as Hand-Picked Elderflower, and Pomegranate &

Elderflower, to classics such as Fruity Raspberry Lemonade and Refreshing Ginger Beer.”

Bottlegreen cordials are a versatile addition to any bar: the nine variants are perfect for mixing sumptuous cocktails and mocktails, or served straight with still, sparkling or tonic water. “From Hand-Picked Elderflower to Aromatic Ginger & Lemongrass, and from Rhubarb with a Hint of Ginger to Pomegranate & Elderflower, our tantalising flavours set taste buds tingling.

“Mocktails are

something that most outlets should also be offering nowadays; there’s no reason why individually prep

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drinks need always include alcohol. We have a host of both cocktail and mocktail recipe suggestions f


bar-staff to mix.”

Add dark spiced rum, cordial and squeeze of lime to a short glass with ice. Top with soda water; garnish with a lemon slice. 26 OCTOBER 2018 WWW.VENUE-INSIGHT.COM

Garden of Eden

With zesty lime, zingy mint, aromatic gin and fragrant elderflower cordial, this blissfully refreshing cocktail slips down easily.

50ml Gin

40ml Cloudy Apple Juice 15ml Lime Juice

10ml Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial 2 Mint Leaves Apple Peel

Shake the ingredients with ice. Strain into an ice-filled highball glass. Garnish with apple peel and fresh mint.

Ginger Cuban Fragrant lemongrass and tangy ginger combine to conjure thoughts of white tropical beaches and aqua Caribbean seas.

• 25ml Dark Spiced Rum • 20ml Bottlegreen Aromatic Ginger & Lemongrass Cordial

• Squeeze of Fresh Lime • Soda Water • Lemon Slice

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