And whilst it might be true that the nights are long and gloomy – which is not too dissimilar to the days, admittedly - and that we all go to work in the dark and come home in the dark, it certainly doesn’t mean we have to be glum, or that we have to let our event spaces channel the ‘down and depressed’ vibe!

In fact, quite the opposite, I would say. The time has come to tune into your inner demon and get your creative juices flowing (or Beetlejuices, if you’re going for that kind of 1980’s spooky theme).

Think disco balls, vintage lace, black cats and witches hats. Picture vampires, gargoyles and Piers Morgan (JOKE!). All rather jolly, if you ask me.

And perhaps we can help.

Now it’s fair to say that mostly our clients love us for our friendly customer service, but for the most part they also can’t get enough of our ‘fang-tastic’ products – including our eerily popular Ghost Chairs,

our ‘spooktacular’ Crescent bar stools, and our ‘blood-y’ marvellous red carpets.

We’ve also been known to bring such humour to the table (we do those too, if you’re interested) that our customers laugh so hard they even start ‘coffin’ (boom boom).

And to put it into the context of Halloween, perhaps you could think of us as the vital ingredient to your witches brew? In other words…

You’ve got the cauldron (the venue), you know all about your ghoulish guests (the, urm, guests), and you’ve got a pretty good idea for a devilishly handsome happening with a twist…. Only problem now is that you’ve got mere weeks to deliver it, and a to-do list that’s already as long as your arm.

Couple that with the fact that a handful of your suppliers are unnervingly ghostlike (in that you know they are there, but you can’t seem to see them!), and chances are you’re feeling a little more paranormal than supernatural right now. Am I right?

Cue Europa, the fiendishly friendly furniture hire specialists who can help take some of the weight off your shoulders! Not literally, obviously; although a Headless Horseman look might be ideal for the party!

No, what we mean of course is that we can help make your vision a reality. Want a nice chill out zone where your zombies can put their feet up? We’ve got it covered.

Looking for a funky illuminated bar where all those yummy mummies can, figuratively, unwind? Let us shed a little light on the stock we’ve got available.

Keen to create a dance floor where all of the monsters can go to mash, or a ruby red rug that will make the vampires’ eyes pop? We have an entire floor covering section on our website… Not even joking you right now!

And whilst we’re busy focusing on everything we need to do to ensure your event space is up to scratch, you can get on with all of the other bits that maketh the broth – like catering, entertainment and invitations!

If you’re keen to ensure your ‘fright night’ gets the guests’ approval, why not give us a call. We promise to do everything we can to deliver what you need, where you need it, when you need it without any whiff of double double, toil and trouble.

Helen Lowe, Head of Events, Marketing and potions at Europa International.

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