FUNDRAISING – Tried and tested

Printed products

‘We run our extremely popular Christmas printed products fundraiser through Class Fundraising ( We order the templates in March, and they’re sent to us just after October half-term. These are handed out to all pupils via teachers as soon as we get them, giving everyone plenty of time to create their masterpieces! Pupils draw their designs on the form, which is then handed back in to school. We set a two-week deadline to ensure products are back in time for Christmas. Class Fundraising sends out sample cards of each design so parents can see exactly what they will receive. Parents pay online via our PTA Events page, which is where they detail which items they would like to buy, and how many of each. The children’s designs can be printed onto cards, mugs, gift tags, tea towels and tote bags. Once all orders are in, we download the list of quantities and send it off to Class Fundraising along with the templates. The orders are turned around in about ten days. A volunteer packs everything up, ready to send to parents via the school. Each item has a set cost, for example £3.65 for a pack of cards, which we then sell on for the recommended price of £5. We had 97 orders in total last year, giving us a profit of around £600!’ Eleanor Long, PTA Vice Chair, Evenlode Primary School, Penarth, Glamorgan (450 pupils)

Sponsored bounce

‘For our sponsored bounce, we contacted our local bouncy castle hire firm and secured two large bouncy castles at £120 for three hours. We worked out these would accommodate up to 15 children each, which was perfect for our classes of around 30 children. A few weeks before the bounce took place we sent letters and sponsorship forms home in book bags, asking for the forms to be returned two days before the bounce. Our Vice Chair, Harriett, secured the help of

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ten volunteers to usher the children to the hall on time and count their bounces. A timetable for the day was given to teachers in advance, which helped keep things on track. The interaction between the children and adults was fantastic throughout the event – it really was great fun! Those taking part in the sponsored bounce

jumped for one minute as a group, with volunteers counting their bounces and recording totals on their sponsor forms. After the minute was up, the rest of the class joined them for three minutes of bouncing to ensure no-one missed out on the bouncy castle fun! It was a great success, and we plan to make it an annual event. In a small school where not everyone was sponsored, we raised £1,633! Everyone really embraced it, including the teachers and Head... there’s something about bouncy castles that brings out your inner child!’ Sarah O’Shea, PTA Chair, Harold Court Primary School, Romford, Essex (413 pupils)

Christmas quiz sheet

‘We chose to offer a take-home quiz last Christmas, as we had tried a quiz night but it was poorly attended. With a quiz sheet, everyone could take part, and no babysitter was required! It didn’t take much planning and

could be organised in a relatively short time. We wrote the questions to ensure people couldn’t Google them, and they were a mix of anagrams, cryptic clues, true or false and general knowledge.

We offered bottles of wine as a prize,

and these were donated by local businesses and supermarkets. We spread the word through the

school newsletter, our Facebook page and posters in the playground. We started promoting a week before the quiz sheets went on sale to remind everyone to bring in their money! We charged £2 per sheet, and PTA members took it in turns to sell them in the

playground. Some of us also took them to sell at our workplaces. Sheets were then returned after one to two weeks to a paper-covered box in the school office. We ran the quiz alongside the

Christmas fair to boost funds, and while it wasn’t a massive earner, we raised £80 with no costs and little effort!’ Sam Sadler, PTA Chair, Wethersfield CofE Primary School, Braintree, Essex (94 pupils) AUTUMN 2018 35

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