with Winston Churchill’s great friend, General Jack Seely, in 1914. There he survived all imaginable disasters, was active in many famous battles including those at the Somme and Ypres and he returned to the Island four years later together with Jack Seely, can you imagine the incredible bond that must have existed between Warrior and Jack? As if this wasn’t enough on his return he actually won the Ashey Scurry, a point to point race on the 30th March 1922 and went on to live till the grand old age of 33. His obituary in the Evening Standard in 1941 reads ‘The horse the Germans couldn’t kill’. The riding around Yafford and West Wight, where Warrior

spent his years is quite phenomenal and the thought of treading in those famous hoof prints is enough to make even the most hardened equestrian a tad sentimental. Incidentally the race that Warrior won, The Ashey Scurry and

Grand National is one of the most exciting equestrian events on the Island and is still very much alive and well today and extremely well attended, riders come from everywhere to ride in this event including some very brave riders from Didcot in Oxfordshire who actually ride without bits and last year Hadden Frost from Oxfordshire also rode the course without a saddle so was bitless and also bareback! They are the Bitless not Brainless team and hats off to them. The Scurry is usually run in late March and is well worth a visit whether bringing your horse or not. The races are over jumps from which vary from 2 ft to Grand National height dependent on the class, and range from very speedy brave kids on their ponies to some pretty amazing Jockeys who compete in the end race the Ashey Grand National, the final race of the day, again it is one of those Island equestrian events that caters for all ages and abilities, there is no lower age limit and no upper age limit and has been run in various formats since the 19th century. Now, there are some pretty wonderful places to stay

with your best equine friend on the Island or even if you come without them you can still enjoy a fabulous beach gallop with Sally’s riding school at Bembridge, Sally’s Riding School has been taking people out for beach rides for fifty years and know the beaches and surrounding area very well indeed, they cater for all abilities. From May to September they are based at St Helens and then from September to May they are based at Bembridge both have the most fantastic beaches to ride on, Iknow, I have ridden on them. My lovely friend Sarah Weston brought her two horses, Theoden and Petra over and apart from making the most of every day hacking across the Island we had a wonderful beach ride at Ryde Beach in view of Portsmouth and the Spinnacker Tower, quite surreal. Beach riding is the best! The Island Riding Centre is an amazing new purpose built Equestrian Centre and can accommodate both yourself, your family and your horse on site in one of their extremely comfortable holiday cottages, they also do beach rides, trail rides on your own horse or on

one of theirs and offer qualified instruction on site in either the outdoor manege, or the new indoor 60 x 40 arena which is due to be completed this year together with a cafe and tack shop. Accommodation for both you and your horse is also available

at Brighstone, West Wight - fantastic hacking and easy access to Warriors old haunts, Godshill, and Niton near Ventnor. Maybe your horse dreams of beach riding and

could do with a break and an Ice-creamby the seaside, just make sure you hide the surf board :)

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Jobsons Dairy,Holiday Cottage in Niton, Isle of Wight

w.o etnamodyotg.k w whfr salscmne.h/hthdhlia-otg w.illamtbe.o /idxpptace-odyctae Converted dairyset in aquiet location with

outstanding views just outside the historic village of Niton. The walks and bridleways are endless, horses and well behaved dogs are verywelcome.

Twoverycomfortable double/ twin bedrooms. wifi available, private garden with hot tub. call Jo Monck on:

Tel+44 1983 731652 or my mobile: 07432 846458

Fourhundredyear old

thatchedcottageIsleofWight Set in the grounds of Hill farm stables,

Log burner,colourtv, dvd player and wi-fi. Why not learntoridea horse or apony while you areonyour holiday,

especially as the stables is right on the door step. Whether you areabeginner learning to ride for the first time, a novice looking to improve your skills or an experienced rider who has alwayswantedtotry riding over axc courseorshow jumping.

Pleasesee full advertisement and photos on Sykes cottages refno. 12722 ● ● 01983752502 Somerton Farm Holiday Cottage

Located just on the outskirts of the famous yachting centre of Cowes on the Isle of Wight, 4 bedrooms, sleeps 8, travel cot available, delightful views, broadband, smart tv, childrens playroom, well behaved dogs welcome. Take your horses on holiday. Stabling available by separate negotiation.

For further information visit our website:

Tel: 07803 049017 email:

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