the rest of my family, then I take it in to the livery yard where I keep my horse Rupert and we all regularly refer to it to find out where the local events and fun rides are. The magazine is full of useful tips and advice, and it’s great that


local readers are involved with letter, hacker of the month, fantastic competitions to win, competitions results and great features too! I found the last issue for May/June particularly helpful with interesting articles, advice on saddle fitting, how to deal with competition day nerves (which Ifound very useful), worming advice, the laminitis feature which is something that affects me with Rupert being an ex

felt I must write to you, I have been a fan of CHN What’s On for quite a while and always buy the magazine from my local retailer and it just gets better and better! I read it from cover to cover and so do

laminitic and Iwill take up the free test to diagnose equine cushing’s disease and read with interest information on feeds recommended for a lighter diet as well as looking after a senior horse as Rupert is 18, as well as supplements for the older horse – thanks CHN, I will try out some of the suggested feeds and supplements! Anything Iwant to know Ialways check out CHN, with

really useful adverts on local services and Ijoined my current riding club after seeing it in CHN as Iwas new to the area and found a great vet for Rupert. One month Icouldn’t find my magazine as Iwas looking for an event to go to, looked on the Facebook page, and there it was in a downloadable format! Thank you CHN, keep up the good work!


Editor’s Note: Thank you Holly. We are very pleased with and proud of the magazine’s growth. We are always open to ideas for further improvement.

DEAR CHN Iwas thrilled to attend Royal Ascot this year and thought Iwould sharemy experience and let you knowabout some of the trends, styles and colours that stood out. Yellowwas definitely one of themost favourite hat hues. Therewere lots of lovely floaty dresses in soft pastels and as an extreme therewere geometric prints in bold jewel like tones. Black andwhitewas also popular. Luckily enough to have access to the Royal enclosure the dress code is actually very strict but this year Jump suitswere allowed for the very first time, Iwas quite shocked but pleased to see they had to be full length! I had a lovely time -mostly peoplewatching - andwould thoroughly recommend it as a great day out.


Editor’s Note: Thank you Delia. Thewonderful glamourous outfits provided the officewith daily gossip.

DEAR CHN I Recently attended a local PC show and was shocked to see how pushy someMums are, the little children who really don’t want to be there and the patient ponies who probably didn’t want to be there either, were brushed and scrubbed until they gleamed, paraded by proudmums dressed in the latest tweed outfits, suede boots and fancy hats,more suited to the catwalk than a field off the Oxfordshire B road. They hopped and skipped at the end of the lead rope – themummies that is - and were thrilled to receive their rosettes. A welcome reward for all that work and the 6amstart.


Editor’s Note: The local shows are great fun and entertainment for the whole family.

DEAR CHN I just wanted to say a big thank you for the tickets I won to Equerry Bolesworth in the Central Horse NewsMay/June Competition. I tookmy friend Hannah and we spent a fantastic day there. Once againmany thanks


Editor’s Note: Bolesworth is a fantastic show. So pleased you enjoyed your visit.

Here atCHNwe are keen to hear what our readers have to say. Email your letters to h.dodd@centralhorsenews. Each issue we will select a ‘Star Letter’. The author of the ‘Star Letter’ will receive apair of Ariat BurfordWellies.


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