Childéric Saddles UK are delighted to announce that they are sponsoring the Elementary Championships at the LeMieux National Dressage Championships (20th – 23rd September 2018) The sponsorship of the Childéric

Saddles Elementary series has seen the brand supporting all eight Regional Championships, in the lead up to the finals at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire in the autumn. Now in their third term of sponsorship,

Childéric Saddles UK are delighted to continue to support what is the highlight of the dressage competition calendar, as Tricia Bracegirdle, MD of Childéric Saddles UK explains: “We are thrilled to be a part of this

fantastic event and look forward to catching up with our customers and in many cases watching them in action.” The brand work with a number of high

profile riders across the world of dressage including Fiona Bigwood, Anders Dahl, Becky Moody and just recently

Image shows Childéric Saddles UK Ambassador Becky Moody riding at the Nationals last year. Photo by Kevin Sparrow

announced, Henry Boswell, to name just a few. Childéric Saddles UK will also have a visible presence in the shopping area at the Nationals with their saddlery emporium, where visitors can see their collection of beautiful bespoke saddles and meet the team.

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EQUITHÈME AMBASSADOR TEAM French brand of horse and rider wear, Equithème, has added another rider to its impressive team of ambassadors. Joining Scarlett Cox-Lomas, Natalie

Devlin and Keira and Aliyah Shafiq is Lauren Shelley (23) from Worcestershire. Lauren is currently studying her

final year at Aston University, but she still has time to compete in the eventing world alongside her studies. Her horse, Falconlake Mercedes, also

known as Sadie, is a thirteen-year-old Warmblood x Welsh D and Lauren has owned her for six years and competes in eventing to 1* level. One of her proudest eventing achievements with Sadie is qualifying for the Novice Restricted Championships at the Festival of BE 2017 and finishing in fourth place. Lauren’s other horse, Cardinar

Surprise (stable name Surprise), is a nine-year-old Hanoverian X and Lauren has had her since she was a small foal. Surprise has successfully evented up

to BE100 level and is a complete dressage diva. The duo recently competed at both the Novice and Intermediate Equithème British Riding Clubs (BRC) Dressage Championships, being individually placed 3rd and 2nd respectively.

4 JULY/AUGUST2018 For the latest

Qualifying for the summer BRC Championships and stepping both horses up a level with British Eventing are Lauren’s main goals this year. Lauren commented, “I was

overwhelmed at being selected as Equithème’s winner of the Facebook competition and attaining the opportunity to be part of the team. What an honour! “I have always loved the brand

and Iamso excited to be an Equithème brand ambassador.”

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Leading showjumpers Billy Twomey, John and Robert Whitaker have joined teamSuregrow – specialists in fertilisers, mineral and trace elements and grass seeds. As top international producers as well as competitors, Billy, John

and Robert, understand the importance of paddock maintenance and the benefits it has on their top horses as well as their youngstock. Ireland’s number one ranked rider, Billy was part of the London

2012 Olympics and has since won major competitions all around the world.

Based in Yorkshire, the legendary John WhitakerMBEand son

Robert are show jumping royalty. Admired worldwide John has secured 24 medals at Olympic,World and European championships. Robert is following in his father’s footsteps, with six European

teamgolds medals and an individual bronze at European pony, junior and young rider championships. He has also represented his country on senior Nations Cup teams on more than 25 occasions. Said Jonathan Cox of Suregrow:“We are very pleased to

have Billy, John and Robert on the team. They are all extremely successful, hardworking and passionate about their sport and when the opportunity arose to provide advice on paddock maintenance we were delighted to help. “Suregrow is the tried and trusted name in grassland management and we wanted to support three top names in the showjumping world and followtheir progress and success.” Specialising in the care of grassland for horses and ponies,

Suregrow has a range of products including fertilisers, mineral and trace elements and grass seeds specifically selected for horse and pony paddocks, as well as the ultimate in arena and ground care management.

For more information on Suregrow please contact Suregrow on 01423 223045 or visit www. suregrow


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