SUNDAY 13TH MAY 2018 Photos & Report by Karen Wright of Wright Stride Equestrian

Winner Of the Coloured Class:

Supreme Ridden Champion: Marinald Babycham Shannon Warwick's Bay Welsh Section D mare 'Marinald Babycham' (bred by her grandfather Reginald Warwick, and only broken to ride two months ago) took Supreme Ridden Champion after having won the Mountain and Moorland large breeds, as well as the best turned out.

Rescue Pony Saffy Beverly Smith and her daughter Skye Collett’s ex Blue Cross pony ‘Starlight Saffy’ have qualified for the Sunshine Tour and will be off to Hickstead. Skye Collett, aged 11 from Denham in Buckinghamshire and her 18 year old new forest cross mare have a fantastic story. Saffy was rescued by the RSPCA in January 2012 and was taken to Chine House Vet Hospital in Leicestershire for treatment. She remained with the RSPCA until she was well enough to go to the Blue Cross Centre in Burford in October 2012. There was no history of her past before the RSPCA and she remained with The Blue Cross where they started to retrain her as a riding pony until June 2014, when the ‘Smiths’ adopted her. Saffy was very nervous when she arrived and her first year was mainly spent with Skye and her mother Beverly sitting in the field, gaining trust and a bond with her new family. She soon gained confidence and Skye started to ride her just on short hacks up the lane as she was very jumpy and also Skye was a very anxious nervous rider, with no confidence. The following year they decided to have a go a few local shows, in hand fun classes. Skye was so nervous Beverly accompanied her in the ring all the time. A slow journey with small steps saw them gain more confidence in each other and with a move to a new yard last year and the wonderful support everyone has shown, the confidence of both Skye and Saffy reached a new level. Skye now competes in showing classes on her own, and although still battling with her confidence has started ridden showing this year. They have done Le trec, dressage, a sponsored ride, and fun hacking and are both enjoying life together. Throughout their few years with Saffy the ‘Smiths’ had fantastic support and follow ups with the Blue Cross and were extremely proud when ownership was transferred to them in October 2017. Skye and Saffy have qualified for the Sunshine Tour this year with 4 classes so far and cannot wait to get to Hickstead to compete. The classes they have qualified in are Child handler (2nd) Best Turned Out Ridden (2nd) Best Condition in hand (4th) and Veteran (3rd).

Hayley Goodall’s ‘John Boy’ Hayley Goodall is 30 years old and has owned John Boy, who is a 12 year old traditional gypsy cob gelding, for six years. John was starved and beaten and scared of any human contact. John took over a year to settle to even feel comfortable to be brushed. With time and patience he now loves humans. Hayley and John have not had an easy journey as Hayley struggled with confidence while riding and ill health. and John being lame, so John may be 12 but his riding time and showing time has only been four years. Last year Hayley had a brain infection which resulted in her having to have surgery and being told she may suffer from long term side effects. John helped her to keep positive, a year on she is back out competing. They won the Coloured class, came 2nd in Best Cob and 6th in Best Condition. Hayley hopes her story will encourage others, her motto being “whatever life throws at you, you always have your four legged friend to help you through it.”

Reserve Ridden Champion: Castle Ellis Harry Ruth Wollerton’s 7 year old Black gelding ‘Castle Ellis Harry’ won the Ridden Cob class and went on to take Reserve Ridden Champion. This was their second show together since Ruth purchased the gelding only four weeks ago. ‘Joker’ as he is known at home will now be off to Hickstead with his qualification for the Sunshine Tour. Joker also qualified for Equifest Bob class Peterborough Final in his only other show.

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Supreme Inhand Champion: Trefaes Alicia Supreme in hand Champion at Grove Farm Stables Open Show 13th May 2018. Julia Kelly’s three year old black Welsh Section D mare ‘Trefaes Alicia’ (shown by Ray Hunt) whom she has owned since a foal, took the younstock title and the in hand mountain and moorland large breeds title to go on to win supreme in hand champion



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