FAMILY by Gabriel A. Fraire ~

easily carry. As the girls scur- ried into their rooms I tried to gather together “paperwork” and my wife was busy stuff- ing things in her purse. We moved out,

plugged up a creek and cre- ated a “lake”

more like a large pond.

One day it was raining really hard and we heard a knock- ing at the door. It was the old man. He said, “You better get your stuff and get on out. The dam may not hold.” Dam? What dam? Then we realized the man meant his pond and we also real- ized that

he was a


uphill from us and oh my gosh.

I said, “Okay, everybody be calm. Go to your room gather only things of value you can

I gave up my struggle with perfection a long time ago. That is a concept I don’t fi nd very interesting anymore. Everyone just wants to look good in the photographs. I think that is where some of the pressure comes from. Be happy. Be yourself, the

day is about a lot more. Anne Hathaway

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Since 1979 ~ Subsidiaries of James Furuli Investment Company ~ CA #496526 Winning is only half of it. Having fun is the other half. ~ Bum Phillips

jumped into the car and drove

down the road. Ev- eryone

was pretty calm. We went into town

and had dinner while the storm subsided. Once we re- alized there was no threat to our house, we relaxed. While eating, we talked about what

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Healdsburg, CA. ~ At one point when the girls where young we lived outside of town, down a dead-end road. At the end of the road was an old man who, many years back,

we had taken of value in our rush out the door. I had grabbed some insurance pa- pers. My one daughter took a mystery she’d been reading, “I have to know if it ends the way I think it will end.” The other daughter grabbed her homework. “My teacher doesn’t accept any excuses.” We then all realized my wife had been quiet. One of the daughters asked, “What did you grab ma?” She said, “I grabbed the chocolate.”

Gabriel A. Fraire has been a writer more than 45 years. He has written fi ction and non-fi ction books, plays, poems, music lyrics, and news ar- ticles. But, he writes about his children exclusively for the Upbeat Times.



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