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In 2015, mindful meditation was declared the #1 health- boosting tool in the U.S. While the basics are simple –e.g. keeping attention on breath- ing --our busy, rushed actions and chatter-box thoughts get in the way. But that’s OK! Just notice, and bring your atten- tion back to your breathing, to this moment.

Don’t judge

yourself. The Zen concept of “Beginner’s Mind” (Sho Shin) advises being childlike, open, curious, ‘friendly’ towards the task. Even playful! That’s my favorite way to dissolve stress and invite in a sweet scenario. Scientifi c research shows

many benefi ts. Check out Jon Kabat-Zinn, renowned for uti- lizing mindfulness to reduce pain at his Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mind- fulness in

Medicine, helped Health

Care, and Society [U. of MASS Med School.] A Zen Buddhist, Kabat-Zinn


MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) techniques that help reduce anxiety, pain and illness. MBSR is now of- fered at med centers, hospitals, HMOs -and my ongoing class at Windsor Parks & Recreation.

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And there’s Dr. Daniel Siegel, M.D. His notes on “basic brain research” reveal many aspects of life boosted by mindful med- itation. These are regulation of the autonomic nervous system; harmonious communication; rapport; emotional balance via the limbic system; fl exible re- sponses to situations; empathy; insight; calming fears; height- ened intuition; moral choices; acting on behalf of the greater good for all.

Last I want to mention El- len Langer, a Yale psychology prof who’s changed the fi elds of

psychology and learning. Langer calls us to experience life’s changing moments with a mindful approach, open to “noticing what’s new” now, the “variability,” new possibilities always there. --Not the robotic, habitually ‘mindless’ way most of us focus most of the time. In a word, I invite us all to make Mindfulness our practi- cal, meditative path to an en- livening, creative, connecting –joyful experience.

Make each day a Valentine! Shining deLight, Marcia

Life is about your Joy! Come relax with a

purrfect cupof Coffee & get inspired

ffee & d

THE BEER BOYS: Russian River Brewing Company ... continued from page 23 and many a homebrewer.

hops and high malt that comes in at 8% alcohol. Pliny the El- der is a defi nite high mark for a double IPA, and is well deserv- ing of all its recognitions and notoriety. Working our way to the Bel- gian Inspired Ales, we tried Damnation

and Salvation.

Belgians tend to have more of fruity fi nish and are not as hoppy as pale ales and lagers. Damnation had a fl avor of ba- nana bread. Salvation was not as fruity as most Belgians.


did pick up some hints of choc- olate and raisins. Vinnie has been ahead of the curve and with his use of bar- rel-aging beers. He has mas- tered the craft and developed a following. Many of his bar- rel-aged releases draw lines as long as Pliny the Younger does, and some releases have been known to sell out on the fi rst day.

Lambic style is sour beer us- ing Brettanomyces, Lactoba- cillus, and Pediococcus. These are known as bacteria and are the curse of the wine-maker

Kenwood, Ca. ~ Listen to and safely observe of our favorite star – our Sun. FREE.

– 3pm. Public Star Party 7pm- midnight Observatory’s 3 main telescopes plus additional tele- scopes are open for viewing.


takes time and patience to brew these sour beers, but as I’ve seen throughout the industry, more breweries are adding sour beers to their repertoire. There were three on tap. Sour beers are as the name implies sour. Pucker up, these beers are like a sweet and sour.

I try the beers and write our sto- ries as well as taking the pho- tos, we are also both amazed at the quality & excellence of the hospitality

Natalie & Vinnie They’re

beers that are unique with a crisp tang, yet refreshing. You can pick up a hint of the barrel- aging and the fruit added to the barrel. The sour beers improve with age and are a great beer to cellar and to add to your collec- tion. I would say if you have not tried a sour beer, you need to add it to your “to do” list. If you manage to endure the long lines and get your Pliny the Younger experience, I hope you enjoy it. Next year the new Windsor location will be open and then there will be two loca- tions serving up the Younger.


look forward to the new loca- tion – it will be closer to my home!

Publishers note: As Barry and

Ongoing presentations on as- tronomical topics are given in the classroom. Friendly and knowledgeable docents are available to answer your ques- tions. Admission to RFO Star Parties is $3.00 per adult (18

& their staff have maintained since day one. Not many busi- ness owners who own restau- rants/ beer pubs/bars take into consideration the importance of who not only greets the patron at the front door must also re- fl ect the entire operations posi- tive communicative


of its employees, and all who play a role on the business until the fi nal product is put before the consumer. Having worked in restaurants, opening restau- rants and helping restaurants with advertising and promo- tions most of my life…Russian River Brew Company wins the highest honor of excellence be- yond the award-winning Brews they serve. They have the rec- ipe for continued success and we at Upbeat Times are glad beyond words to have them as our friends and as a part of The Upbeat Times for all these years. Cheers! ~ P.A.D.

Robert Ferguson Observatory Solar Viewing Saturday, February 10, 2018 11am

and older), under 18 FREE. State Park Admission is $8.00 per car. Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. 2605 Adobe Canyon Road. Kenwood, CA . Visit our Website @ or follow us on Facebook

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