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Napa County Fair Association Honored by Western Fairs Association for Excellence Upbeat With the Dogs in Forestville, California!

CALISTOGA, CA. ~ Each year fairs from all over the west coast participate in what is considered the Grammy’s of the fair industry, as members of the Western Fairs Association compete in classes by attendance size for coveted awards that reward excellence in manage- ment, creativity, and innovation. This year there were 29 different WFA Achievement Award divi- sions, two of which were featured programs

designed for a spe- cial ceremony during the annual

convention held January 3-6, in Anaheim, California. The Napa County Fair Association placed in 15 of the 29 divisions and received first place in the featured contest for their Digital Marketing Cam- paign, which outlined the redesign of their website.For more informa- tion about the WFA and this year’s Achievement Awards Program, please visit Media Contact: Christy Gentry (707) 326-5058 | mailto:christy@

Weird Facts & Trivia - 3

Grappa is a colorless marc brandy made in Italy.

Marc is the residue of skin, seeds, etc. remaining after pressing the juice from grapes (or other fruit). Marc also refers to a strong brandy distilled from this residue. One excellent example is Italian Grappa.

Pebbles of

Forestville(in back) and Maxine of Glen Ellen share a moment with Upbeat- photo courtesy of Barbara Stone of Glen Ellen


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The largest member of the grouse family, the Capercail- lie are almost 3 feet in length. They became extinct in Great Britain by 1785 due to over-hunting and forest clearing. In 1830 they were reintroduced to Britain with birds from Sweden. By the mid 20th century their numbers were back up in the tens of thousands but today they are again in danger of extinction in Britain.

I’ve prioritized taking care of

my mind, having fun, and doing

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things that make me laugh. And eating well - as in, really good food, like steak

or pasta or fresh vegetables or an

amazing dessert. You know,

‘treat yo’self.’ Phillipa Soo

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun. ~ Randy Pausch

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