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knew I could do well. He him- self had worked so hard to get to where he was. He was deteremined to create a successful publication. In early 2000, or a bit later, we met up and he asked me, “Paul, why would you decide to do your own publication. It’s so much work?’ He was right, but I told him I was just a bit crazy! He laughghed and said, ‘Well you have to be a bit crazy to be a publisher”, or something to that eff ect. John Boland is now president and

chief executive offi cer at KQED(as of 2010) aſt er serving four years as the fi rst chief content offi cer of the National Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and we are still in touch.

I want to thank all three

of these fi ne human beings publi- cally because it is important to me. It is important because not oſt en do people attribute their success to the very people who directly or indirectly participated in their fu- ture.

I had no idea at the time this

would be what I’d be doing for over 40 years(from the fi rst time I worked with Sebastopol Times & News publishing my cartoon, ‘SIGMOND’) till now. I knew I always liked newspapers

as a young teenager. I liked being informed, reading the news and looking at ads(as entertainment) because some were funny, and it made me want to go there and de- sign my own advertising for busi- nesses. But most of all, the people that

ran these publications were under a lot of stress and a lot of deadlines while I worked for them. Til this day, Rollie Atkinson, John Burns and John Boland are still in the business in one way or another. I have always respected their ability to go the extra yard to get it right in all phases of the news/newspa- per industry. Because of the con- tent they had to print, I wanted to do something a bit untraditional. I wanted to print just positive news. And to the best of my ability I print what I think people might want to read & see on the other side of the coin, 24/7. T e best part is they all print both the good with the not so

good and the challenging aspects of life, to keep all of us informed, and they do an incredible job! T anks guys...I couldn’t have done it without you! I print what I call the light side of life...the ‘aſt er it happened and the good that came out of it’ side because we all need solutions and a positive perspec- tive to heal and to recover from lifes challenges. 20 years later the Upbeat Times & community are

stronger than ever! If any of you

who are reading this column have someone who inspired you in your life and made a huge contribution to your success...tell them today(if you want) and while they are living. I’ll bet they’d really appre- ciate it greatly!

May this issue fi nd you well!

This Is Probably Not A Good Time To Start Thinking About A Will!

Upbeat Mentors Local Heroes Honored By Rotary From Chris Parr/Feldman •

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Upbeat in Mar de Jade, Chacala, Mexico

Yoga retreat in Mar de Jade, Chacala, Mexico about 1-1/2 hour drive north of Puerto Vallarta, Erica & Andra, sisters living in Santa Rosa really had that Upbeat Times feeling here! ~ Andra Sandberg of Sonoma County

Pictured from L - R: Chief Robert Schreeder - SRPD; Lt. Tim Duke - Sonoma County Sheriff Dept; and Lt. John Snetsinger - SRFD

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Rotary Club of Santa Rosa West honored local heroes at luncheon. Each were presented with a plaque read- ing: “Service Above Self and heroism beyond the call of duty during the Tubbs, Nuns & Pocket Fires and beyond. After a short presentation from each agency, the fl oor was opened to questions and answers, which was lively and entertaining. ~ Chris Parr

ABOUT Chacala: Chacala is a beach-town set in small cove on the Pacifi c coast of Mexico in the State of Nayarit. It is located about 62 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. The name means “where there are shrimp” in Náhuatl, and is part of the coastline known as the Riviera Nayarita. The population consists of approximately 300 full-time residents, but can swell to over 1000 during Mexico’s most popular va- cation periods such as Semana Santa, (Easter Week) and Christmas. Chacala is known for its physical beauty and unhurried lifestyle.

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