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Beer Review is the Russian River Brewing Company

By Barry O’Meara &

Paul O’Doyle

rich and malty, with the high alcohol warmth, which gives it a full mouth fill. The strong floral aroma of the hops give, Pliny the Younger, an award- winning balance.

Since it is only offered once a year, it becomes a challenge to compare one year to another.

Pliny the Younger

was first released


Sonoma County, CA. ~ So- noma County has been con- sidered at the epicenter of the craft beer revolu- tion. In 1977 Jack McAuliffe


New Albian Brew- ery in Sonoma and it was considered the first Micro-Brewery. Russian River Brew- ery pays homage to that by proudly dis- playing the original sign from New Albi- an Brewery behind the bar.

Located in Santa Rosa at 725 Fourth

St, in the bright blue building with the beautiful Redwood mural, Russian River Brewery is easy to find. With a patio usually filled with happy beer drinkers, Russian River Brew- ery is located between D and E St. Just follow the line of patrons waiting to get in. Russian River Brewery has the destination

become for

beer enthusiasts from around the world. You can see the influence peppered across the world map, with pins display- ing

countries visitors have

come from to drink Russian Rivers beers, on display in the gift shop. They have put Santa Rosa on the map for beer geeks and soon will add Windsor to that pilgrimage.

This February will mark the 13th annual release of Rus-

it is higher in alcohol than a regular IPA. Crisp and clear and with a coppery color, it finishes dry. The alcohol level is high at 10.25%. The high hop content balances the heavy maltiness, giving it a medium bitter

index. Each

year, the base malt is consistent. The only variation form year to year is the hop content. Hops be- ing agricultural, like wine grapes, they can vary from year to year.

These are the Famous Russian River Brew Company’s beer bites with specialty dips. This article is mainly dedicated to the beer they make. In future issues of the Upbeat Times we’ll talk more about the food which, of course is perfectly matched for their awesome selection of homemade beers on tap! ~ P.A.D.

The blending of dif-

ferent varietals makes each re- lease very distinct. The Youngers I have tried in the past have always been a

no looking back. I got to experience that fate-

ful year. The taps were flowing non-stop, filling growlers and glasses and a never-ending line

sian River Brewery’s iconic Pliny the Younger. A triple IPA, with triple the hops, and,

2005 as a Winter Ale and named after the ad- opted son

Grant, our server was awesome and very helpful! Great customer service!

and nephew of Pliny the Elder. With Pliny the Elder being a Double IPA and the Younger being a Triple IPA, Vin- nie and Natalie thought it only fitting to name it after the Elder’s son. Because of social media and beer rating sites, in 2010 the Younger took off and there has been

of customers. They sold out in just 8 hours.

Since that time,

Vinnie and Natalie have had to ration the beer so it will last two weeks.

The annual

release of the Pliny the Younger has made such an impres- sion on So- noma Coun- ty, that they have done two Eco- nomic Im- pact Stud- ies

and again in 2016.

in 2013 The

2016 study found that the Younger

brought in $4.9 million to our community in such areas as hospitality and related services. They will be conducting the same impact study this year and it will be interesting to see what impact the fires may play into that figure.

Russian River Brewery has so much more than just the Younger. Vinnie has covered the whole spectrum of styles and taste. From the Pilsner of the STS, to the Lambic style of barrel aged sour, there

for everyone. Weird Facts & Trivia - 5

In western Cyprus, a mud- plaster structure found at the site of Kissonerga-Skalia ap- pears to have been used as a Bronze Age kiln to dry malt for brewing beer. Archae- ologist Lindy Crewe of the University of Manchester in England and her team exca- vated the nearly 4,000-year- old oven, uncovering ashy deposits containing carbon- ized fig seeds, mortars and other grinding implements, and juglets. They also found sherds of a large clay pot that they believe was a pithos, a vessel in which a fire was lit and used as an indirect heat source within the kiln. Malt, the team hy- pothesizes, might have been stored in the juglets while they were in the kiln, and then removed to perform the rest of the brewing process.

Zak Zaikine:

A Whimsical Sonoma County Artist!

is something You

can see his beer’s no- toriety reflected by the awards displayed and international rec- ognition. Zymurgy Magazine has an an- nual reader’s choice, and Pliny the Elder has held the num- ber one beer slot for seven years in a row. Just last year they were beat by anoth- er, and only came in second. Recount!! Recently Paul and I went to Russian Riv-

er to try some samples. With so many beers on tap, we had to narrow our samplings to just a few. The first group on our ... continued on page 23

Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer. ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

New work now at:

Bodega Landmark Studio Gallery 17255 Bodega Hwy, Bodega (707) 876-3477

Hand Goods Gift Shop 3627 Main St., Occidental (707) 874-2161

Also available are hand signed

greeting cards at Andy’s Market in Sebastopol and Community Market in Sebastopol and Santa Rosa.

Chart Readings are off ered by appointment.

Contact: Zak Zaikine (707) 823-9340

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