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Using Memory to Establish Life by Chance Massaro, M.A. •

SANTA ROSA, CA. ~ As we age aspects of this world slide from us. I don’t bowl or golf or run anymore; my friends and relatives

are pass-

ing away; my life is shrinking with my wrinkled body; my senses are


ished. I could sur- mise that my life is essentially over: if I make it to breakfast tomorrow it will be a good day.

acts of our lives. Looking at those satisfying times, we tease out what values we have which seem to have motivated posi- tive

actions and/or

results which please us or make us proud. As we codify (write, talk about and share) those values we get clearer about what makes us tick (get out of bed in the morning).

There is no reason

to have goals or make plans; I won’t be able to fulfill them. This is not life, it is living death.

Thus we may not die, I wit- ness folks who have lived ten years in a state of suspended animation: planning nothing, doing less, getting grumpy be- cause life has been a betrayal of their expectations.

state is to have some meaning- ful purpose. Memory Back Guarantee we see a lively light at the end of this downturned tunnel. Use memory to build a future. Using long and short term memory we begin to ex- plore the satisfying times and

Another round of memory This is

called dying in life. The answer to this creepy

games could have us looking matter of factly at our accumu- lated learnings and experience (=wisdom). Putting our wis- dom together with our motiva- tion we then can engage our creativity and other people to find things we could do/pur- sue which would be fulfilling. People might want to start a new hobby or revisit an old one. They might want to start a group with a purpose (par- ticularly one focused on the process outlined here) to wring more joy and satisfaction out of the miracle of each day.

Upbeat at the Capital in Washington, DC!

JOKES & Humor # 5 John and Rachel of Sonoma County taking an Upbeat moment!

Two campers are walking through the woods when a huge brown bear suddenly appears in the clearing about 50 feet in front of them. The bear sees the campers and begins to head toward them. The first guy drops his backpack, digs out a pair of sneakers, and frantically begins to put them on. The second guy says, ‘What are you doing? Sneakers won’t help you outrun that bear.’ ‘I don’t need to outrun the bear,’ the first guy says. ‘I just need to outrun you.’


Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun. Brian Wilson

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • February 2018 • 13

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