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February is National Childrens’ Dental Health Month

By Dr. Yolanda Mangrum ~

Petaluma, CA. ~ A child’s dental health is very important. Did you know that the most chronic child-

hood dis- ease isn’t asthma or obesity – it’s tooth

decay? Also, each year school children lose 51 MILLION hours at school due to dental- related illnesses. The GOOD NEWS is that there are ways to help your children get off to a great dental start.

Tip one: We all know that get- ting your kids to brush their teeth is important. So let’s make

brushing teeth a fun activity! Set up a calendar where each day they get to put a sticker on it to show how many days they brushed twice a day. Reward them at the end of the week or month for completing every day’s goal of brushing.

Tip two: Don’t forget about flossing! The earlier your chil- dren start, the earlier it will become a good habit that they will miss if they skip a day. You can rub peanut better on their hands and show them how much “goop” you can get off by “flossing” with some yarn between their fingers or better yet, let them try it on you.

Tip Three: Make the trip to the dentist a fun experience. Many dental offices have special kid’s days or rooms in their offices that make going to the dentist fun. Make sure you talk about going to the dentist in happy and fun ways.

Having healthy Thurs Feb 1 - Captain Paisley

Fri Feb 2 - Hillbillies, Hippies & Honkytonks w/ Kevin Russell

Sun Feb 4 - Gypsy Kisses Mon Feb 5 - West Coast Songwriters Thurs Feb 8 - Seth Walker

Fri Feb 9 - Second Line (pre-Mardi Gras party!)

Sat Feb 10 - Rockin’ Johnny Burgin Sun Feb 11 - Celtic & Irish Jam Sessions Tues Feb 13 - Gator Nation (Mardi Gras Dance)

Thurs Feb 15 - Hoytus and People Fri Feb 16 - Aki Kumar

Sun Feb 18 - Gold Coast Jazz Band Thurs Feb 22 - Soul Ska Fri Feb 23 - The Hot Licks Sat Feb 24 - Foxes in the Henhouse Sun Feb 25 - Old Time Fiddle & Irish Jam Sessions

Sun Feb 27 - Pop Up Jazz Jam

Open Mic hosted by DJ Loisaida every Monday except the fi rst ~ Singer Songwriter Competition every Wednesday hosted by The Professor

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teeth as

a child continues healthy dental habits as an adult. Knowing that healthy teeth can help lower one’s risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke, your little child’s smile is definitely worth the extra effort and attention.

Thursday, February 15, 7:00-8:30pm Rocks & Minerals Presentation With

Geologist, Dr. Jane Nielson

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ We live on a rocky planet. Rocks form the Earth’s solid surface. They pro- vide raw material for human industries,

structural materi-

als, gems, medicines, and even food additives. The conditions of local surface rocks define the stability of human building sites. This talk will introduce the major rock types and dis- cuss the Earth processes that drive cycles of rock formation and transformation - including climatic influences such as the hydrologic processes that we observe in the Laguna de Santa Rosa. It also will explain where the rock types tend to be found, and how to make sure that we experience them in mostly pos- itive ways.

$12 (non-refund-

able). Pre-registration required. All events take place at, or begin at, the Laguna Environ- mental

Center, 900 Sanford Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95401.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: ~ Or contact Anita Smith, Pub- lic Education Manager ~ (707) 527-9277 x 110, anita@lagu-

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