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RAF Association collaborates with Prospects to support even more of the RAF family

The RAF Association has partnered with Prospects, aleading provider of employment, skills, care and education to deliver aprofessional registered childminder course to RAF partners.

The course is free for RAF partners and is delivered at weekly face-to- face sessions. It includes comprehensive childcare training, registration with Ofsted, apaediatric first aid course, Disclosure and Barring Services checks and insurance for their first year as achildminder.

Rory O’Connor,Director of Welfare and Policy at the RAF Association said:

“The 2017 RAF Community Needs Analysis identified lack of employment opportunities for partners of serving personnel and lack of access to high quality,affordable childcare as the top two issues facing the RAF Serving Community.Asaregistered childminder, partners can run their own business from home, be their own boss, look after their own children and make adifference to the lives of other young children and their families, supporting them as they grow and develop. We are delighted that the initial pilot has gone so well and there has been so much interest.”

So far,the courses have been trialled at RAF Waddington, Cranwell and Benson, training 35 RAF partners with the skills needed to set up their own childminding service. One RAF partner who took the course said: “I always intended to do childminding, but being able to do the course really pushed me forward in my goals. Iloved the fact that it was aface to face course and on the weekend.”

The pilot scheme has shown great success in providing RAF partners with anew avenue of employment as well as supporting Stations with affordable childcare. The RAF Association and Prospects will be rolling this out to other Stations that have identified aneed, so that they can continue their work in supporting the whole of the RAF Serving Community.

Shanti Flynn, Directory of Early Years at Prospects said: “We understand that current childcare provision isn’t flexible enough to meet the needs of service families, particularly with shift patterns, overnight working, and deployment arrangements and before/after school care. This is why we are so excited to be working with the RAF Association to train men and women to become registered childminders to give choices and options back to RAF families.”

To enquire about the Childminder Support course on your station contact Rory O’Connor Director of Welfare and Policy at the RAF Association on 0116 2688 771 or To discover how else the RAF Association supports the RAF family visit

RBLI’s Lifeworks Families Courses LIFEW RKS

LifeWorks Families is afully funded support service by Royal British Legion Industries to help you get the job you want. It’s available to all spouses and partners of any serving (or recently discharged) member of the British Armed Forces, including reserves. It’s completely free as is fully funded by armed forces charities.

As part of agroup, you’ll identify your strengths as well as potential career or training opportunities. Join one of the courses near you by doing asimple postcode search online. From job searching to CV writing, the team will help you develop the skills you need. They will also help you manage the impact of achange in situation increasing your confidence and motivation to get that dream job.

RBLI’s Head of LifeWorks Iain Downie said: “The ultimate aim is to help develop the participants’ employability factor,through

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teaching them modern interview techniques, job searching skills, and CV formatting methods.

“The results of the intensive two or three-day course are an ability to better connect with the job market, the development of both short and long-term goals, and aset plan to help participants stay motivated in their search for employment.

“All of these things result in atremendous boost in confidence and the transformation of those who attend the course never ceases to amaze me.”

RBLI’s LifeWorks team also offers a5-day fully-funded support course in various location across England, Scotland and Wales.

Simply go online to,email the team at or Freephone 0800 319 6844.

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