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Iamexcited to offer you anew ‘pullout’ section called ‘Spouses in Business and Employment’ in this issue of Envoy.It’s aimed at not only sharing inspiring stories on those already self-employed but to also direct you where you can go for training to bring your own dream to life. The same applies in preparing for and finding employment. Having always worked in civvy street, Iamamazed at the many organisations that are out there to help you as an armed forces community and not only that, at little or no cost to you. Ithink the trick is actually knowing what’s out there in terms of support and how to tap into it so I hope this section ticks those boxes for you. All content applies to serving personnel as well so hopefully provides food for thought all round.

dream to life. The same applies in preparing for and fi nding employment.

Ialso had the ‘worst job in the world’ writing for Envoy this time round and that was to interview the 2018 Typhoon Display Pilot, Flt Lt Jim Peterson. What atrue ambassador for the RAF he is. Iparticularly wanted to write this piece so that when we are all at families days watching the Typhoon Display,you might just feel alittle more connected to who’s behind the grey metal making all that lovely sound! Thank you for the warm welcome and good luck to all the wider team too on their 2018 experience. #BringTheNoise2018

Abig thank you to my new Instagram connections too (harleyfred and bidze78) who have helped bring the latter article to life, including our amazing front cover!

Front cover: Pushing the G’sasFlt Lt Peterson pulls out of his awsome Typhoon Display Practice (taken 18/04/18) ©Paul Biddles Photography (Instagram/bidze78).

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