news brief Village Hearth Cohousing: Only 10 Homes Remain to Be Sold! V

illage Hearth Cohousing is a 55+ intentional community devel- oped by and for LGBTs, straight friends and allies. They are building 28 private cottage homes clustered around shared spaces on 15 beau- tiful, wooded acres. Each attached single-family home will have tradi- tional amenities, including a private kitchen. Shared spaces will feature a common house, with a large kitchen and dining area, laundry, exercise, entertainment and recreational spaces. Shared outdoor space will include gardens, walkways, and ample parking.

Why Cohousing?

Isolation is a huge barrier to remain- ing engaged, vibrant, and healthy as we age. Even brief daily interactions such as greeting a neighbor at the

mailbox can help maintain one’s overall health. Imagine easily and conveniently sharing a cup of coffee or joining an impromptu card game in the common house. You need only step outside your door to participate in a yoga or meditation class, use the treadmill in the exercise room, or enjoy fresh air on your welcoming front porch.

This is all possible because cohousers are more connected than residents of traditional neighbor- hoods. Cohousers plan and govern their community themselves. Every- one’s opinion is important. An agreed-upon form of self-gover-

nance is used and decisions are made by consensus or consent. Residents of cohousing com- munities are truly “good neigh- bors,” providing mutual, voluntary, neighborly support. They are highly invested in harmony and fairness. Cohousers make decisions that are best for the happiness, health, and sustainability of the entire commu- nity. Cohousing homes have a lower turnover rate and maintain their value better than homes in tradition- al neighborhoods, often selling by word of mouth or from the communi- ty’s own waiting list.

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For information, email Pat McAulay at or call Margaret Roesch at 561-714-8009. Visit and

Welcome Home to Village Hearth!

Now you can live in a safe, active, caring and self-governing 55+ community, with the infrastructure to age in place, while balancing the privacy of a smaller, sustainable dwelling with ample opportu- nity for social engagement and the support of a larger community.

Who are the people of Village Hearth? We are a dynamic LGBT-focused group of adults working together to build a co- housing community on a beautiful 15-acre wooded campus just 20 minutes from downtown Durham. Gay and straight, single and coupled, working and retired, from Durham and beyond, we represent a variety of professions, skills and interests.

HURRY! Only 10 Homes Remaining!

For more information, email Pat McAulay at or call Margaret Roesch at 561-714-8009. Visit and

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