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All Calendar and Ongoing Events must be received by 12th of the month prior to publication. For calendar submission enter on our website: Calendar submissions for non-advertisers are limited to space availability.

MAY 1–JUNE 1 Free Interview Suit and Resume Event. 10am-3pm. Free. Dress for Success, 1058 W Club Blvd, Durham. For more information call: 919-286-2128 or visit:

WEDNESDAY, MAY 2 Drum Circle. 7:00-8:30pm. Join us as Cindy Jones MS LPCS and Taylor Houchens MS LPCA present

“Drumming for Wellness”. If you are feeling a need for ease from any of the following–boredom, loneliness, stress, fatigue. Come and get some rhythm relief! NO experience necessary. All levels welcome! Bring your drums and percussion instruments (extras will be available!). Suggested donation $10. Unity Center of Peace, 8800 Seawell School Rd., Chapel Hill. For more info: 919-968-1854 or

SATURDAY, MAY 5 Walk As One At 1. 12-2pm. Come celebrate World Labryrinth Day here on our spiral labyrinth at Unity Center of Peace. Join thousands of others who will be walking a labyrinth somewhere in the world at the same time Saturday, May 5th. Let’s generate some peace for the world! Gentle instrumental music will be provided. Unity Center of Peace, 8800 Seawell School Rd., Chapel Hill. For more info: 919-968-1854 or

Durham Refugee Day Celebration. 2-5pm. In the spirit of welcome and to celebrate the contributions of refugees and immigrants to our community and publicly stand against anti-immigration policies that impact these members of our community. Live music, international food, games, and community education. Refugee and immigrant vendors, speakers, and bands will set the mood for family fun. Tere will be free parking, live music, activities for kids, and community resource booths. Durham Central Park, Durham. 501 Foster St, Durham. Visit:

SUNDAY, MAY 7 Bellydancing Demo & Workshop. 7:30pm. Learn basic moves of bellydancing and dance a short choreography. Wear comfortable clothing and dance shoes, socks or bare feet. Unity of the Triangle, 5570 Munford Rd., Raleigh. 919-832-8324 or visit our Facebook page: www.facebookcom/unityoſthetriangle

WEDNESDAY, MAY 9 Rhythmic Breath Meditation. 7:00-8:30pm. Experience the benefits of meditation immediately, in a single session! Trough conscious breathing, you can silence your mind and feel what it would be like to cultivate a deep meditation practice. Guided by Teo Feaster, combat anxiety and bolster your immune system through diaphragmatic breathing. Suggested donation $10. Unity Center of Peace, 8800 Seawell School Rd., Chapel Hill. For more info: 919- 968-1854 or

SATURDAY, MAY 12 Sound Terapy Class at Youthologie: Exploring the

Monolina. 10am-6pm. Class will explore the theory, use and techniques for monochord instruments as part of sound therapy to promote health and wellness. Tere will be discussion and hands-on experience; lunch is included. You do not need to bring anything to the class—instruments and written materials will be provided. Reserve your spot. Call 919-847-1495. $150 for class, including lunch. Youthologie Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine, 10940 Raven Ridge Rd, Ste 214, Raleigh, NC 27615.

Beacon Thermography Screenings at Health Touch in Durham. 10am–5pm. Termography is a state-of-the-art, FDA registered, non-invasive and radiation-free imaging technology that may detect abnormal conditions before they are detectable by mammography, ultrasound, x-rays or MRIs. While thermography’s most common application is in breast cancer screening, it can also help detect a large number of other conditions and injuries. Early detection allows more time to address potential issues. Termographs are read by MDs who are board-certified in thermal scan analysis. For information, call 910-803-2150 or

WEDNESDAY, MAY 16 Sacred Flow: Summer Solstice Observation. 7:00- 8:30pm. We look forward to seeing you for this special edition of our monthly gathering where we will come together to celebrate the official return of summer. Come enjoy this opportunity to relax and create an improvised, intuitive, spontaneous (and probably outdoor!) spiritual experience together! By donation. Unity Center of Peace 8800 Seawell School Rd., Chapel Hill. 919-968-1854 or

THURSDAY, MAY 17 Unity Church of Raleigh is sponsoring Life Line

Screenings. 8:30am-5:30pm. Protect your health by participating in the Life Line Screening health screenings. Trough ultrasound we will evaluate the carotid arteries for the buildup of fatty plaque, which is the leading cause of stroke. A four-screening package includes carotid artery, abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral arterial disease and atrial fibrillation. Register by calling 1-800-653-6441 or visit Unity Church of Raleigh, 5124-108 Departure Drive, Raleigh.

“Find Your Power Animal” Free Guided Meditation. 7pm. Facilitated by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera. Power animals are spirit guardians in the form of mammals/birds/fish/insects/mythical creatures that embody their species’ archetype energy. Power animals act as protectors and guides for people, and can be a part of a person’s spiritual journey for an entire lifetime or brief periods during which their archetype powers are needed most. Come and discover yours. Sagewood Center, 6801 Pleasant Pines Dr., Raleigh. Sign up:

SATURDAY, MAY 19 Unity Church of Raleigh, Women’s Group Monthly

Meeting. Te UCR Women’s Group offers women of all ages equal opportunities for personal, spiritual, community and global growth. Join us as we explore our key priorities to have fun, empower women through connecting activities and create ways to develop deeper friendships. Join Us at Unity Church of Raleigh, 5124-108 Departure Drive, Raleigh. Time to be announced. Free.

Unity Church of Raleigh, Men in Unity’s, Monthly Meeting. 9:00 am. Facilitator, Al Henderson, L.U.T. Candidate. Te purpose of this meeting is to get your input and establish a vision of how we can make our spiritual home an even greater experience that will support our needs and those of our church home and community. Your presence and ideas are needed! All Unity men are welcome; join us!

Te Listener’s Quest: Journey into the Unknown (at Youthologie). 1:00-8:30pm. Feel the magic of listening and its superpowers during a fun-filled, profound aſternoon that includes a meal. Tis event combines Te Talking Stick, used in Native American traditions, a sacred experience of deep listening and Te Sound Bath, used in shamanic traditions, a whole-body type of listening for an expansive sound experience connecting you to the rhythms and harmonics of the universe. For more information or to register for the event contact Youthologie Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine, call 919-847-1495. Full description at

Learn to Shamanic Journey Workshop. 2–9pm. Facilitated by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera. Learn a life-changing practice. Shamanism (Native American spirituality) is the oldest known spiritual practice in the world and is still practiced by indigenous people on every continent today. In the spirit realm, you can interact with spirit guides, ancestors, angels and enlightened beings to receive guidance and healing as well as commune with the universe. Pittsboro. Read more at:


SUNDAY, MAY 20 Reiki I Training. May 19: 10am-3pm. May 20: 1:00-4:30pm. A new training course for those interested in practicing Reiki. Unity of the Triangle, 5570 Munford Rd., Raleigh. 919-832-8324 or visit our Facebook page: www.facebookcom/unityoſthetriangle

SUNDAY, MAY 20 Science

Diving Deep into the Field of Infinite Possibilities. 1:30pm. Everything

and Spirituality: Quantum Leap– in the

universe derives from consciousness; we will learn to use spiritual and scientific principles to co-create our reality. Unity of the Triangle, 5570 Munford Rd., Raleigh. 919-832-8324 or visit our Facebook page: www.facebookcom/unityoſthetriangle


Life’s Essentials : What Are Tey? 7:00-8:30pm. What do you absolutely, positively need for your life to be meaningful/successful? If answered in the realm of the material, there are different answers for different people. But if answered in the realm of the non- material, the answers are true for each and all of

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