Natural Approaches Resolve Major Illnesses

by Linda Sechrist

Outside Pressure Rob Wergin, an experienced energy medicine practitioner, speaks from expe- rience regarding clients that consult him for life-threatening diagnoses. “When I see them, they’re desperate and have exhausted all conventional methods. I’m their last-ditch effort,” remarks Wergin. Te most frequent reason he hears is, “My family, friends and doctor told me not to waste my money on charlatans.” “People find it challenging to put faith

in natural methods and are nervous about going against a doctor’s advice until they feel or see positive results; even these may not provide sufficient motivation to contin- ue with alternative treatments,” he says. “I believe this is the result of the influence of pharma- ceutical ads promising results, the medical

community’s belief in proof solely through A

lthough natural health enthusi- asts may recognize alternative healing modalities as a preferred

approach to treatment, in the face of major health issues, even they tend to join the crowd that’s turning first to conventional medicine. Tus, many gentler modalities de-

scribed in Te Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, co-authored by doctors of naturopathy Michael T. Murray and Joseph Pizzorno, remain largely untapped resources. Ignored because they are unsupported by traditional science-based medicine, holistic measures such as acupuncture, energy medicine, essential oils, herbs, detoxi- fication, health-promoting diets, homeopathy, prayer and meditation, supple- mentation, yoga, massage and naturopathy are sacrificed in favor of oſten painful medical procedures and prescription drugs which can’t claim to permanently cure anything and can have many harmful side effects.

28 NA Triangle

Lack of Awareness “A patient that dabbles in holistic

medicine for minor health issues such as indigestion, headache or insomnia oſten turns to conventional methods aſter receiving a serious diagnosis such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer because they are scared,” observes holistic physician Dr. Wendy War- ner, medical director of Medicine in Balance, in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Te co-author of Boosting Your Immunity for Dummies suggests that relatively few people turn to natural solutions for both preventive and therapeutic measures because they’re unaware they exist. Integrative oncologists and endocri-

nologists that are aware of the benefits of natural complementary methods are scarce. Relatively few conventional doctors are educated in functional medicine. “Yet complementary modal- ities such as acupuncture, massage and

some essential oils can support the immune system and help an individual deal with stress experienced from coping with their illness,” says Warner.

clinical trials, websites like Quackwatch. com and well-meaning friends insisting that the conventional route is the only way to go. It’s sad to see the gravity of these influences pulling clients back into solely believing in the Western model of medi- cine,” says Wergin. Ann Lee, a doctor of naturopathy, acu- puncturist and founder of the Health for Life Clinic, Inc., in Lan- caster, Pennsylvania, notes, “Tis mindset continues to get reinforced by insurance companies that do not cov- er alternatives. Paying out of pocket for medical expenses

also influences a patient’s choices.” Kelly Noonan-Gores and Adam Scho-

mer, director and producer, respectively, of the documentary film HEAL, suggest that unconscious conditioning plays the biggest role in an individual’s choices. “We are deeply conditioned to view medical spe- cialists and prestigious medical institutions as the ones with all the answers. Some- times they do and sometimes they don’t,”


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