Year 6 enterprise competition

‘We give our Year 6 students a chance to run their own stall at the summer fair. It’s a competition, and the members of the team that raises the most get a prize of a £10 book token or an iTunes voucher each. Pupils love coming up with their own ideas and having responsibility for

their own stall. We give the children about a month to organise it. We usually have around ten stalls with teams of three to six children on each. Last year, stalls included fastest goal, hook-a-duck and soak the teacher!

Parents helped to purchase any props required. This meant that our only outgoing were the prizes, at a maximum of £60. Parents also assisted with running these stalls on the day, as we needed to have a parent helper on each stall in order to sign out the fl oats. The pupils’ stalls made a huge difference to the summer fair, contributing over £1,000 to our overall profi t. The chocolate fountain stall, which raised over £350, won the prize. The children love getting involved and are really proud of their achievements.’ Joanne Forde, PTA Chair, Ravenbank Primary School, Lymm, Cheshire (412 pupils)

Food and drink Selling alcohol: Your Headteacher may be wary about the PTA selling alcohol on school premises, but providing it’s sold responsibility and with a licence, there’s no obvious cause for concern. The sale of alcohol is common at PTA events, and often one of the  Event Notice (TEN) is required for any event (in England and Wales) that includes the supply of alcohol. This only applies for up to 500 people, so if you expect numbers to exceed this, only sell alcohol in an allocated area that holds fewer than 500 people. A TEN costs £21 and can be obtained through your local 

Ensure good food hygiene

practice by following the advice from the

Food Standards Agency: best-practice.


Beer: Local breweries often supply barrels of real ale for PTA fairs – they might even offer a donation or a discount. Otherwise,  or return from a wholesaler such as  

Third-party vendors

External suppliers can remove some of the stress and workload, but they will need to have their

own public liability insurance. When offering a pitch, decide whether

to take a fl at fee or a percentage of takings. Charging a fl at fee may mean less profi t, but it’s potentially easier to track.

Pimm’s:  to serve at your fair – charge around £2 for half a pint. For a cheaper alternative, Aldi’s Austin’s has proved popular with PTAs. BBQ: Serve quality meat to avoid deterring visitors from future events, and offer fried onions for a smell no one can resist! Local catering companies or butchers may supply you with meat at a discount.   Cake stall:  and if you can get all your offerings  Nothing helps wash down a brownie   seating area where parents can relax. Candyfl oss/popcorn: Consider  popcorn machines (ensure they’re sturdy enough to withstand many  popcorn boxes cheaply online and 

For more tips, visit 46 SUMMER 2018

What? Popular prizes include bubble mixtures, bouncy balls, mini maracas, sweets, stretchy men, water pistols, pens, pencils, rubbers, tattoos, hair bobbles, colouring books and soft toys. If any of your stalls lend themselves to a prize scale – eg. a better prize for a higher score – consider issuing vouchers for use on other stalls instead, for example a free go on the bouncy castle, or a free cake worth 50p! How many? Decide whether to give a prize every time. The chance to win something no matter what will encourage participation, but can put a dent in your profi ts. If you are offering a prize every time, be sure to price the stall accordingly and only give away smaller items like lollies to the losers. Make sure the cost of your prizes still ensures an overall profi t on the stall. Buy in bulk – but as you don’t want to have too much leftover stock, it’s worth buying items that aren’t time-sensitive and have a long expiry date. When assessing quantities,


ask yourself how many people can play each game over the duration of your fair. Also consider whether you’re able to estimate how many people might win, for example if you have a ‘pick a lolly’ game and there’s a one in 20 chance, it’s likely that you won’t need to buy hundreds of prizes. Where? Suppliers like PDK (, David S Sales ( and Charnwood Fundraising ( offer selection packs of prizes at wholesale prices. For stalls where sweets will do the job, Booker ( is a fantastic option. Keep an eye out for any special offers in the months leading up to your fair – especially for bigger, one-off prizes.

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