FUNDRAISING – Tried and tested

M&Co fashion show

‘We approached M&Co after one of our members suggested we work with them to hold a fashion show. M&Co staff were keen to support our event, and we booked it two months in advance. Having confirmed the date, local businesses were approached and asked to donate raffle prizes. M&Co provided the tickets, and the event was hosted from 7pm to 9pm on their premises. We agreed a ticket price of £5, including wine and nibbles, with guests giving an additional donation for extra refreshments. We had a varied group of volunteer models, including school

staff, PTA members and people from the local community. In total we had about 20 models, ranging from four to 80 years old! Prior to the event, each model visited M&Co to select two outfits. The staff were fantastic at helping them choose their items. The school provided the chairs, which were set up in rows

to create the catwalk, and the school’s music department provided us with a PA system and a compère, who described the outfits as each model took to the catwalk. On the night, models could purchase clothes with a 25%

discount, and guests were given a 20% discount on clothes and accessories. To date, we have organised two successful fashion show events. Each has raised around £800, and they’ve helped us to build links with local businesses, too.’ Evelyn Cairney, PTA Member, St Ninian’s High School, Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire (800 pupils)

Family photo shoot

‘We started planning our photo shoot fundraiser around six months in advance. We booked Liam Walsh at White Box Photography, as he came recommended. Liam gave us tips and ideas on how to promote the event, and even created some poster  The photographer needed an hour

and a half to set up, so we met him at 8am for a 9:30am start. He said he could get through a dozen families in an hour, but as I didn’t want lots of agitated children waiting for their turn, I left a couple of slots free. This gave leeway for latecomers, and also allowed for any shoots that over-ran. The day ran very smoothly, and

 every slot, and as we had asked for payment in advance, everyone showed up. We sent a slip home in book bags, asking for preferred appointment times, along with a contact number and payment. A couple of days prior to the event, I scheduled everyone in as close to

their preferred time as possible. The photographer charged us £10

 up to us, which would dictate our  which included a 10x8 print, plus 16 copyright-free digital images. The photographer sent these to families approximately one week later. 

decided against school photos this year, the same photographer offered his own service on another date. This meant that in total we raised £960 from photos this year!’ Jules Fisher, PTA Chair, St George’s Primary School, Wallasey, Merseyside (900 pupils)

Construction challenge

‘As we held a Mother’s Day tea party last year, we wanted to run something for our dads. Our Headteacher came up with the idea of a construction challenge. The event was held in the school hall, where

our teams of adults and children awaited the challenge. The rules were explained (and copies handed out for reference), but contestants could only uncover the challenge once the clock started. We gave them a pile of newspapers, masking tape, scissors and a toy car, with the challenge being to build a bridge using only the tools and equipment provided. Teams were given the opportunity to go into classrooms if they wanted to build in secret! 

and £1 for additional children. We had 43 adults  uncles, grandfathers and carers. At the end of the challenge, the bridges were

tested with the toy cars and then judged by the PTA. Prizes were given for the most beautiful bridge, strongest bridge, longest bridge and the bridge that held the most weight, and there was  and trophies. They weren’t very important, but everyone wanted one! The event took hardly any organising – just

sending out letters to gain interest and register teams and then half an hour to set up the hall and refreshments (a hot dog and drink). 

Sarah Cullumbine, Teacher and PTA Volunteer, Thorpe Hesley Primary School, Rotherham, South Yorkshire (520 pupils)

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