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Giving parents the option to pay by card at events has so many benefi ts, which is why we’ve partnered with iZettle. So how can card readers help PTAs?

How can an iZettle card reader help boost profi ts at PTA events? Visitors’ spending at events is often limited by the cash in their wallets, but giving

them the opportunity to pay by card means they can spend freely, which, in turn, means more funds for you, and more fun for them!

At our fair, stall volunteers work in shifts, and the handover can be confusing.

How can the card reader help? The card reader is used with the free iZettle Go point-of- sale (POS) app. This gives

you the ability to create a product library, where you can add images and prices for every product on offer. This means that pricing information is in one place, so all volunteers know exactly where to look and how much everything costs.

It can be time consuming to add up totals at events. Would the reader help?

Yes! The app acts like a till, adding the total up for you

with a few easy clicks, which reduces human error and makes life less stressful for volunteers. Discounts can also be applied, so if you’d like to offer supporters 10%  you can easily apply this. You can also reduce multiple items at once, for example, if you want to sell off cans of beer in the last 30 minutes of your fair.

It can take us hours to total up after an event. Can using iZettle make this quicker? With the iZettle Go app, payments can be recorded, helping you keep track of

money as it comes in, and making it easier when it comes to adding up. As cash payments can also be recorded by the iZettle Go app, you can instantly reconcile the amount of cash you have taken against the amount counted. The opportunity

to pay by card also means less heavy change to carry to the bank once your event is over, and reduces the worry of safely storing wads of cash.

Can we use data from the reader to monitor sales and

assess the success of events? Through the online iZettle account you can access sales

reports, giving you a practical overview of card sales (and

cash if these transactions are also registered through the app). This information can be used to review an event’s success and consider any improvements that need to be made. For example, as time-of-sale is recorded, you

can see if there were any lulls in sales and act on this according. This kind of data wouldn’t normally be recorded at events, so it’s giving you a whole new insight. A list of product sales, including quantities, allows you to assess popularity to feed into the planning for next time you run that event. What should you buy more of? What didn’t sell so well? All of these records can even be passed onto new committee members, giving them guidance when they’re starting out.

The benefi ts of the iZettle card reader

Suits your PTA’s needs: Light, transportable and with an eight-hour battery life, the iZettle card reader can be used at any fundraising event. With a minimum spend of £1, use it for everything, from a burger on the BBQ to a silent auction payment. Easy to use: The reader connects via Bluetooth

with a smartphone or tablet, taking payments via the Internet for simple, safe transactions. Low transaction fees: At 1.75% the transaction fee is outweighed by the extra funds you’ll raise. Pay your way: The iZettle accepts all major debit and credit cards, as well as Android Pay, Apple Pay

and NFC phone payments. Customers can swipe, insert or go contactless, and transactions go through in seconds.

Order your iZettle reader now for the reduced price of £19 + VAT! (regular price £59 + VAT) and see your income increase! Visit

It sounds too good to be true, so how much will it cost us? The iZettle card reader normally costs £59 + VAT, but is currently available for

£19 + VAT thanks to our limited offer with PTA+ (visit izettle-offer accompanying iZettle Go app is free. Once you have the reader,

 transaction fee that a card payment incurs. This is 1.75% per transaction, which is less than two pence of every pound. This fee applies to all types of card. SUMMER 2018 17

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