Editor’s note: External stallholders

painting/manicure were £1.50. Craft stalls were £1-£2.’ Sam Davison: ‘We charge 50p for games, and employ a “passport” method where eight games can be played for £3. Once children have played eight games and their passport is full, they can swap it for a bag of sweets. This seems to generate more revenue than a few games being played for 50p a time.’ Penny Lafferty: ‘Our games tend to be priced at 50p each or three goes for £1. The bouncy castle costs £2 for a session.’ Amanda Loach: ‘Most of our games fall around the 50p mark. To avoid making a loss on prizes we give the winners tokens, which they can then exchange for prizes. More tokens mean a better prize.’

Do you have any external stallholders? Margaret Bent: ‘We have a maximum of ten external stalls, paying £20 each. Our local Rotary Club brings a   Penny Lafferty: ‘We book external stallholders early, collecting payment  a payment deadline to the booking form, which advises that their pitch will be offered to another stallholder if payment isn’t received by that date. We offer priority booking to those who can supply their own table, as this saves us time on the day.’ Hayley Lake: ‘We have a maximum of 20 stalls at £15 each, plus 10% of their takings. We’ve had candle sellers, cupcake stalls, and even a photographer exhibiting her portfolio. Local businesses often  Amanda Loach:We charge external  We only allow a couple at the summer fair, and insist that they must be family-related.’ Lynsey Pledger: ‘We have an  seller. They both give us a donation at the end of the day. We don’t stipulate amounts as we have a good relationship with both and feel they are always fair donations.’

38 SUMMER 2018

need to provide evidence of their insurance cover. Check any exceptions or stipulations with your PTA insurance provider.

Gail Roe:   We can make more running a stall ourselves than we would from hiring out the space.’

What do you do if you need specifi c equipment? Margaret Bent: ‘We bought four gazebos, and parents often lend us theirs. We borrow the local Scouts’ tables, which means we don’t have to move tables in and out of classrooms. Previously, we’ve invested in two gas barbecues and two tea urns.’ Sam Davison: ‘This year we’ve bought a barbecue. We also have a really handy Vice Chair who’s built us games, a puppet show and quaint market stalls  Penny Lafferty: ‘As a new school, we are in the process of building up our equipment. Previously, we’ve borrowed a barbecue from a parent  ice-cream van. These were great ways to test popularity before investing in the equipment ourselves.’ Hayley Lake: ‘We try to use our own  sweetly at companies if we need to  Lynsey Pledger: ‘We’ve purchased gazebos, and our tables are borrowed from the church. We have borrowed a parent’s popcorn machine, but it was extremely labour-intensive. We now  


What are your bad weather contingency plans? Margaret Bent: ‘We keep the sports hall free so that most stalls can be moved inside if necessary. We also have two outdoor classroom areas that can be used.’ Lisa Newport: ‘As we have a big   cover most stalls with gazebos so we’re protected against rain.’ Lynsey Pledger:  weather, the event takes place  have relocated to the playground or been cancelled. They are extremely understanding and don’t charge us if they’re not required.’ Gail Roe: ‘We formulate separate dry and wet weather plans, and decide two days before, after consulting the forecast, which to use.’

What preparations make things easier on the day? Margaret Bent: ‘We allocate a box for each stall in our storage room  tablecloth, volunteer instructions, signage, prizes etc.’ Sam Davison: ‘We check all equipment a couple of weeks before the event to ensure it’s functioning.’ Penny Lafferty: ‘We design and print posters for each stall, detailing rules and prices. These are laminated so they can be reused.’


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