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Don’t Worry Daddy by Gabriel A. Fraire ~

Healdsburg, CA. ~ Hav- ing children is the greatest singular thing that has ever happened to me. I love al- most every moment of being a parent, even the hard ones. And, nothing is harder than when your child is sick. When they are very small it can be extremely dif- ficult to deal with. You’re never sure what is wrong. You try and use guidelines your mother used, feel

the forehead, touch the stom- ach, trying to figure if they are too hot. When your child first starts talking it’s not much help. “I don’t feel well.” But that isn’t much help. What doesn’t feel

well, how does it feel. Things don’t seem to im- prove when they are older. Even though you know they have the flu and it isn’t life threatening, you still want them to be well. You never want to see your children suffer even if is a simple as a com- mon cold.

The worst mis- take I ever made was coming home from work af- ter learning my daughter caught

chicken pox. I had been wor- rying all day and rushed home to see her. I went straight into her room and she looked hor- rible. She was completely covered with marks. She looked like a burn victim.

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6 • March 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

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And when I saw her I gasped. This caused my daughter to start crying. Oh my good- ness, I felt terrible and there was no retracing my expres- sion. It just popped out. Of course, I apologized. And tried to calm her down, and she did. She was fine. It was just my frightened ex- pression that frightened her not the pox. After we both were calm she reached her little pox marked arm toward me, placed her hand on mine and said, “Don’t worry dad- dy, I will be all right.” Kids are incredible and

awesome and although there may be times when you wish you had a moment alone or dream of the quiet of a house- hold before children, there is still nothing better. Even at their worst they are the best.

Gabriel A. Fraire has been a writer more than 45 years. He has written

fiction and non-fiction books, plays, poems, music lyrics, and news articles. But, he writes about his children exclusively for the Upbeat Times.

Upbeat in Ha Long Bay in North Viet Nam!

Hello Paul! - Becky & I are at a much photographed World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay in north Viet Nam. This is is a must see for cruise ships traveling along the east coast of

southern Asia. We took a four hour junk boat ride through just a fraction of the over 2000 islands in the bay. ~ Len of Windsor

“Tere comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing leſt is your own heart.

So you’d better learn the sound of it. Otherwise you’ll never

understand what it’s saying.” Sarah Dessen

A Sonoma County Tradition! “Turkey always and turkey all ways!”

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