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patience than on a golf course. I personally have had to work

Sonoma County, CA. ~ Golf is ultimately a gentleman’s game yet oftentimes the spirit of that tradi- tion can get lost in the fray. The heat of competition can bring out all kinds of powerful emo- tions in us and it’s not always easy to temper

our feel-

ings. When we are caught up in the midst of battle we are often running on adrenaline and we don’t always see the big picture. It all comes down to perspective and our ability to maintain a healthy perspective in all situations. When the group of golfers in front of us starts to slow down too much, we can lose our cool. Hitting into another group of golfers to send them a signal to “hurry up” is not the best way to go about things.

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Asking a to

help the group

ahead to move along at a faster pace is the proper diplomatic course of action. Sometimes even

that won’t settle the problem and the pace of play will still be a challenge. They say that pa- tience is a virtue and what bet- ter place to practice the art of

in a fluid manner but without a need to race. As a result, they are more

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • March 2018 • 17 Golf Coach 101 A Gentlemans’s Game Upbeat in Santa Rosa! in synch

with the universe, in proper rhythm, tem- po and balance with their swing. This kind of heightened aware- ness of the subtle art of relaxation can be best kind of medicine for trouble. In the end we need to be better equipped to confront the emotional wreck- age when it begins to hijack the best of our intentions.


relax and don’t be in a hurry.

So in practicing this

quite a bit on this issue as I have found myself getting im- patient on the links for all kinds of reasons. Remembering to breathe and let go is a great place to start when this hap- pens. We can’t push the river so sometimes we just have to be content to be in the river and see where it takes us. When we learn to be more patient with others we begin to find more patience for own selves. This is the key to cracking the code. This process of showing re- spect and patience for others brings about an opening of the heart which helps us to relax. Golfers who have learned the art of relaxation have cracked the code. They don’t race from shot to shot, instead they move


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“Without space, there is no time.” ~ Dejan Stojanovic UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • March 2018 • 17 subtle

art of relaxation with proper breath-work as our ally, no mountain is too tall to climb. No shot is too difficult to imag- ine and no situation, no matter how frustrating, is worth losing one’s cool or one’s place as a gentleman.

James Fish works as a golf teaching pro at the Foxtail Golf Club and can be reached via e-mail at: or 707-548-2664

Mike Merrill of Santa Rosa Rotary West at the 2018 Crab Feed with friend! Mike is part of the Advisory Committe for the club.

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