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Q: Can you say some words about ordinary, everyday faith? You know, that things will work out OK?

A: I’ve got lots of words about that -! How about my story I call, “The Daya That Adam Levine and K-MART Saved the Day.” Whew. Every time I recount this adventure, I breathe a sigh of relief, and dig a lit- tle deeper for the morale of my story. It was, by most any measure, a very ordi- nary work day. I got up out of bed, perhaps a bit reluctantly, still a bit tired, and prepared to drive to Petaluma. This is a trip of about 25 miles, and takes me to a skilled nursing home that I have provided singing and entertaining and philosophiz- ing services to for several years. Well, this particular morn- ing, maybe I got out of bed quicker than usual, or had my morning

smoothie already

made, or had decided what I would wear before falling asleep. Whatever the reason, I was ready to leave a lot ear- lier than usual. So I decided I would go in and do some shopping in town, before my gig. The road was relatively uncongested that morning. The weather was nice, and I was listening to the radio, to “Forum” on NPR, as I often do, on the way down. --Trying to get a little education during the drive. Suddenly a horrible thought came to mind: did I pack my guitar??? OMG. I pulled over to the side of the highway, opened my trunk to the awful truth: I had for- gotten to put my guitar in the car. I was maybe 15 miles

away from my home base, and I had an hour before I ac- tually had to play.--Should I go back home??? I gave that idea a moment’s consider- ation, and realized if I did that feat, I would be too tired to do a decent performance. Should I call and say I am

sick? Or that my car broke down? Or fess up and tell the truth, embarrassing myself, and letting every- one down by not showing? I did remem- ber another time when I did the same thing –yes, I confess. I went in, told my activ- ity supervisor

what I had done, and she sim- ply allowed me to maneuver, trusting me to do a good job one way or another.

I sang

acapella, did some chair danc- ing too, told jokes and tales, reminisced –you get the pic- ture.

Sigh. OK. I would drive on in and see what’s what. As I approached my Petaluma exit, nervous, I realized there might be another option. Kmart was open: maybe they sell gui- tars??? I figured if they did, it might be a pretty badly made, cheap one, unsuitable for my purposes.

I went through the doors of Kmart, and asked if there were any guitars for sale. I was pointed to the toy depart- ment. Kinda what I expect- ed.

There were two items, and two only, on the shelf. One was an electric model, which needed an amplifier. Mine was in my shed at home. The other was a “First Act” brand, starter guitar, small size. --On sale for $19.99.

I picked it up and noticed that the brand was made by

Adam Levine. Adam was one of the coaches and stars on “The Voice” --one of my fa- vorite shows. OMG! Would he make a decent starter? I didn’t have a lot of time to debate. I’d buy the thing, go out to the car, take it out, see what it sounded like. I real- ized I also didn’t have any of my paraphanalia: pitch pipe, string tightener –pick? Fortunately, the strings were already attached to the instru- ment –thank you, Adam.


had, however, to wind each of the six up to tune pitch, guess- ing, hoping my “relative per- fect pitch” I’d inherited from Mom would serve me now. Once I got the strings tuned,

I hoped they would stay in place, not slipping immedi- ately, going flat on me –or my audience. Gingerly, hopeful- ly, I played a chord. To my amused amazement, it didn’t

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