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SPRING GUIDE #1 Musical Notes in Sonoma County

SONOMA COUNTY, CA. ~ It has become a Musical Notes tradition to focus on female art- ists in honor of Women’s History Month for the March issue of Upbeat Times. Musician and music teacher, Joanne Rand deserves recog- nition for her lifelong commitment to her art. Writing poetry at the age of six led to studying classical piano and ukulele at the age of eight. Her grandfather giſted her with a Gibson Southern Jumbo Deluxe guitar at age 12 and she taught herself to play. “My brother was a sort of Fisherman of music,” she reminisces about Jordan Rand who died prematurely many years ago. “He would bring [home] all this great music, just coming out at the time,” Rand reflects of their teenage years in

the 1970’s joyfully listening to the great music of the era. Her Producer coined the

phrase, Psychedelic Folk Revival as a descriptor of Rand’s unique style of music. “I like to suspend reality with the music because that is what is does for me, and that’s the psychedelic part. And then, folk because I’m a story- teller. And the re- vival is because I’m

from the South and I grew up on Gospel music and that whole contagious moment of it, getting people to sing along and buoying people’s spirits. Tere is a spiritu- al aspect to it,” Rand passionately explains about her deep inspira- tion for her music. Rand has created 16 Albums

(CDs) of original music in her 30-year career. Her first album

by Shekeyna Black • Honoring Women’s History Month

was produced when she was 28 years old, living in Ash- land Oregon where she witnessed the devastation of the giant “Redwoods being carted away,” says Rand. Her lat- est release entitled, “Roses in the Snow & Drought” trans- ports the listener to an inner sanc- tum where Rand diligently serves as the journey’s guide. Rand re- sides in Arcata, CA and pays homage to the area in her song called, “Hum- boldt to the Bone.” Welcome back the Joanne Rand Band to Sonoma County on Satur- day, March 3 with a grand per-

The Punitentiary #1

Did you hear about the Bud- dhist who refused his den- tist’s Novocain during root canal work? He wanted to transcend dental medication. ~

formance to celebrate Wom- en’s History Month before she heads on her out of state tour in April. Sharing the Redwood Cafe stage with Rand that eve- ning are Rob Diggins on violin and Piet Dalmolen on electric guitar. Visit the Artist’s website at Rand, in addition to being a full-time musician, is also a mother to a college-aged daughter.

Rand’s motherly advice to all is a reminder, that “everyone has

their own creativity, remember not to squelch it.”

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Some friends decided to get together for breakfast at a new upscale restaurant one Saturday before Christmas. They all placed their orders for a variety of breakfasts: Eggs and bacon, waffles and pancakes with sausages, eggs benedict, and fruit baskets. The waiter brought each order one by one, and finally served the person who ordered eggs bene- dict. As the meal was set on the table, the guest did a double take as he found that the meal was served on a hubcap. He asked the waiter what was the meaning behind this nonsense.

At that point the waiter broke out singing, “There’s no plate like chrome for the Hollandaise!”


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