Freya Lodge Presents Celts & Vikings Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner

10 • March 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. March 17, 2018

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Presented by Freya Lodge Sons of Nor- way! - 5:00pm - Norway Hall. Swords and Silver: Trading with the Vikings. By The Vi- kings of Bjørnstad! Dinner includes Corned Beef & Cab- bage, potatoes, mashed ruta- baga, coffee, juice and des- sert. Beer and wine available

for purchase. Tickets available through Brown Paper Tickets – https://www.brownpaper- Or call 1-800-838-3006 ~ Mem- bers - $20 Non-Members - $25 Kids (Ages 8 – 14) - $8. Ques- tions? Contact 707-579-1080 or

SPRING GUIDE #1 Fawn Rescue Seeks Responsible Homeowners

Sonoma County, CA. ~ The future of Sonoma County wild- life depends upon us all. As their habitat continues


be destroyed wildlife


cope with more hazards. Fawn Res- cue responds to all

rescue Medium Gas Insert starting at

$1815.00 INCLUDING Vent kit

calls from So- noma County areas. Fawn Rescue is ur- gently seeking responsible homeowners set up an fa-

to out-shelter

cility on their land in which to raise four

fawns each year during April to August fawn season. A large, remote acreage is required where the fawns are

raised and released in a natu- ral habitat by the owner. At four months of age they are weaned, able to


recognize natural

foods and are prepared to survive in the wild. The gate is opened and they are free to live in fa- miliar


roundings. An ideal, non-stressful release. Training is provided. All expenses are assumed by Fawn

Rescue. We need you. If you can help please contact Matt, Animal Care Coordina- tor at (707) 931-4550.

Fiori’s Buns & Burgers Is Now Open! Same Great Burgers & More!

(formerly Big Boys Buns & Burgers)

JOKES & Humor # 4

A young businessman had just started his own firm. He’d rented a beautiful office and had it furnished with antiques. Sitting there, he saw a man come into the outer office. Wishing to appear busy, the

businessman picked up the phone and started to pretend he had a big deal working. He threw huge figures around and made giant commit- ments. Finally he hung up and asked the visitor, “Can I help you?”

The man said, “Sure. I’ve come to install the phone”

Human shapes?

Do You See faces or

• Optional Remote Thermostat • Made in the U.S.A.

Another Pareidolia. I had left some ice cubes on the chopping block and it had melted...but it looked like a person! I took this photo from an angle. I enhanced the spilled water with a bit of white on the edges with an art program, but it really looked just like this!

New! Char-Broiled Burgers!

New buns from Costeaux French Bakery and same awesome buns from Franco American Bakery.

406 Larkfield Center • Santa Rosa, CA • 546-6835 10 • March 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that makes us see faces in random places. Do you see faces? Send us yours!

“Everyone’s time is limited. What matters most is to focus on what matters most.” ~ Roy Bennett

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