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“ Making a difference takes many years of complete dedication” ~ Paul Andrew Doyle

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • March 2018 • 3

Growing Up with the World’s Only All Positive Paper! ABOUT US by Paul Andrew Doyle ~ Founder, Publisher & CEO •

We are a paper publishing only good news since 1998!

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Some peo- ple have told me that they’ve traveled


over the world and have nev- er read or seen a paper filled with good

only news

and complete- ly fun content. I’m sure there are


Tere has to be, right? But uniquely,

there is no pa- per

like mine(ours).

exactly I

personally in- vented UT out of neccessity for purposes of sanity...and I saw all the good in our communi- ties! Recently it dawned on me the

paper has had a truly positive effect on Sonoma County and beyond. I realized that there are some younger individuals that have grown up reading the pa- per. Some have just graduated

from high school! But that’s not all. In addition to that, their parents have read the pa- per, cherish- ing the posi- tive side of life and also remember-

ing to have

fun along the way. In the picture on the cover(March) are the fa- ther/daughter ski travelers Ron & Kai- tlyn Rich- ards

who took the Up-

beat Times with them on one of their ski trips to Snowbird, UTAH in 2012 with the Up- beat Times. Ten, many years later in the same spot in 2018.

How cool is addition to being up at 11,000 feet in the snow!

I applaud the moms &

dads that take the time to take their children on trips that in- clude recreation and adventure. Although work is important, so are the times where the parents and children get play together. With my girls(two of them) I’ve always been there on 95% of all trips and I wouldn’t miss it for anything! I actually oſten act more like a kid then they do. Te looks I get are hilarious... kind of like ‘dad that’s embara- asing!’

type of looks. But I’m

shameless when it comes to be- ing silly and playing like I feel. Recently I had the opportu-

nity to travel to Oregon to visit friends, fish and co-host a radio program called ‘Hooked on Or- egon’. I think this is the 8th time I’ve had the opportunity. Te station is KWRO out of Coos

Bay and is listened to in Ore- gon, Washington and Northern California. Tey also own a sta- tion in Lake County California as well as 8 or nine other sta- tions. What I enjoy about do- ing radio on this program is the fact that the show’s main host, Cam Parry is a former Sonoma County resident who decided to create this show to educate and to inform the public about the awesomeness of the outdoors and to never stop its preserva- tion. You see, there are times it seems it is easy to forget the great outdoors. But at Upbeat Times, we like to remember to remind our readers to get out of the house and into the woods(a metephor of sorts). Not only does a person get fresh air, it is also proven there is a great need to get negative ions into our system because in a city,

... continued on page 13 TK-8th Grade Home Study Program Now enrolling for 2018-19! Limited space available!

Correction (x2): Santa Rosa, CA. ~ In the February 2018 issue of Upbeat Times we ran a correction that was an incorrect correction on page 3. The name we listed was Public Storage (a logo). The real business was Security Public Storage. We needed to tell the readers they were open after we had reported them as being closed because of the fires having de- stroyed their storage units (across from Mel’s Fish & Chips on Hop- per Ave.) This was not entirely true. The good news is that they did not lose all their storage units, only half of them. The manager of Secu- rity Public Storage wanted us to tell you that not all was lost and they are rebuilding the units that were destroyed and the main facility is still open and running strong! You can call them at the correct number and support their business. (707)764-6699 (Tell them you read it in Upbeat Times )

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I’m still having fun and as long as skiing is enjoyable, I’m going to continue to do it. ~ Bode Miller

Publisher, President & CEO Paul Andrew Doyle

Co-Publisher & VP Valerie A. Doyle

Writing team:

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Kimberly Childers Ellie Schmidt

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UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • March 2018 • 3

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