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she was serving customers many of their amazing combo’s of cod, shrimp, mushrooms, oysters, huge fries with all the fixings like cole slaw, home- made tartar sauce and much more.

Every time I go to see them, they take the time to talk and we exchange laughs and stories. While I was standing waiting for my lunch, a lady came in, Waffa’s neighbor, who had lost everything also, and wanted to know if she need dog food. Amazing...she lost everything and was helping others! I find it wonderful and heart warming

that mail delivery requires. Miri- am has a great reputation in our new neighborhood and at the Post Office for being upbeat and positive no matter how tough it was marching about with a big mask along a big route. We thank our

own dear family spread out all over the coun- try for keeping at it until they got through to help us in a

ways with love and caring, al- though the ones in Florida and Texas had much to bear. For my young-

thousand ‘Just Chillin’

beyond words. Mel’s Fish & Chips is locat-

ed at 1016 Hopper Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95403. They are available for sit down and you can call ahead for to-go...Hot & always fresh! (707) 578-1954. The

Upbeat Times is

recycled every month. Mel’s uses our unused papers (there’s not many) to keep the food as hot as possible for takeout orders.

go buy their incredible fish & chips! They would greatly appreciate

your patronage.

Love definitely grows here! ~ Paul Andrew Doyle, Publisher

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through the universe but that it might be impossible to prove. Ah ha! Tree scientists have the data, the proof, and the newest technology to prove that he was right! Do take time

to look all that up, my dear young friend. Tere always is joy in the dis- covery of what makes us tick by studying science! Keep reading. Tat will help you in all things you face in life. Let’s try to

est fan, Parker, who is as intrigued with the genius of Einstein as much as I am, and was one of our neighbors before, I hope you read the article about the Nobel Prize winners in Physics this year. Ein- stein was convinced that there are gravitational waves that ripple


tory. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today is a giſt: that’s why they call it the present.”

Let’s create new “Upbeat Times” together. ~Ellie 32 • November 2017 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

thoughts in our hearts this “Yesterday is his-

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keep Eleanor Roosevelt’s

● Yesterday we started making an effort to Do the Usual. Get the loans done! Lo and behold the County Recorder opened their doors and started record- ing transactions yesterday! At Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate, we were able to record a local transaction that HAD to be done by Friday. We all came in early this morning and just received a delivery of a closing check. Pays to be early! We expect several others by Fri- day!!!! We’re feeling a little more normal.

● Tracy Escher at First Ameri- can Title in Sebastopol is the only one manning that office! She’s working her tush off - she’s a machine! And getting it done!! Thank You Tracy!!


● Adel’s Restaurant on the cor- ner of Mendocino Ave and Col- lege was one of the few places to open right back up for early breakfasts. A welcome sight! They had gathered their group, and are now open at 6:00 am and closing LATE. They have 2 cooks and 3 waiters and 1 clean-up person.

● A clerk at Target, as we were checking out some clothes for the grandkids, listened to our granddaughter

tell her story of losing her house and im- ● Vineyard Dental on Sonoma WINTER SQUASH ... continued from page 4

chef I know is involved...Guy Fieri, Scott Romano, John and Duskie, Dustin Valette, Daniel Keenan, Ron Foster, Nick and Dominica Catelli, Dino Bu- gica. These are just some I am aware of”. Food always has a way of soothing and bringing us together.

Mario Batali likes to serve

the recipe included for a fami- ly-style celebration.

Thankful in The Midst of It All:... continued from page 12 They gave the kids 2

mediately asked another clerk helping to “go and get 2 pump- kins”.

large pumpkins so they had something for Halloween. It was sooooo lovely and cute. There were a lot of workers at Target the day the fires struck Santa Rosa!! So surprising. Starbucks at Target was also buzzing with business.

● ”Operation BBQ” put on by Guy Fieri at the SR Vets Me- morial Building. Our very own Milton Close from Pinnacle Capital was there, helping to serve needed food to thou- sands!!

● Our company is helping a local Realtor who has home buyers that wanted to put a FOR SURE TO BE ACCEPT- ED offer in on a new home as their house burned down in the Fountaingrove fire. We got right onto it, got loan approval and their offer was approved! They can close and be in the new house in 2 weeks. Smart Realtor!!

● Our firefighters have made record flight hours and record retardant drops on our fires. They are working hard to put the fires out.

Ave is open and letting any- one who needs Wifi and office space, use theirs. Go on in!

● Looks like a lot of the big stores are allowing RVs to park and stay. Very nice!

● Since day one of the fires, the Owner at Sonoma Valley Ba- gel in Montgomery Village has been waking up at one am to bake extra food and then held long hours, closing at 9pm. He lets first responders eat free and even when deliveries


come, he went out and found items to bake and ensure his store remained open for resi- dents!

● Rohnert Park and Napa Re- altor Chapters are getting their marketing meetings and broker tours going again, so they can start helping their communities with better real estate coordina- tion.

● The Landscaping team for our office complex showed up right on time this morning to ensure everything was cleaned up and nicely trimmed, ensur- ing any debris from winds and ash were all cleaned up.

● The traffic on Mendocino Ave was nicely busy again, just like normal. ~ Aaradona

Times & ‘Holiday GUIDE #2” will arrive

The December Issue of Upbeat

November 28th 2017!


“May each day improve for you... We hope we make a difference in your Lives!”

Paul Andrew Doyle, Publisher & chief delivery boy If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts. ~ Einstein

Chef Ron

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