UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • November 2017 • 31 Star ChartinG by: Zak Zaikine • Editors: Karin O’Keefe-Sack and Melanee Reynolds

Sebastopol, CA. ~ As we enter the mid point of Scorpio and the most transformational sign in the Zodiac, we find ourselves here in our commu- nity and the environ- ments of Santa Rosa, California in a state of actual physical, mental and spiritual transformation the

like Phoenix rising

out of the ashes. Not to minimize the pain and anguish of our challenging event and the hu- man resilience of thousands of incarnations here on our planet that is imprinted in our DNA and will bleed through once you are aware and become sensitive to these energies so this has pre- pared us to some degree of what we are experiencing now. We will truly start this new

journey, repair and rebuild and try to plan for this not to occur again with such ferocity. Yes, the memories will linger. My fam- ily and myself went through a similar situation where we lost personal belongings and a sub- stantial amount of my artwork due to an arsonist that burned not only my home and studio

but that of others in the hamlet of Woodstock, New York in back in 1998. As my daughter and I sifted through the rubble she said to me “At least I wont have to deal with this in the future if I in- herit this.” And it was and is true for me that my productivity and outlook rose out of the ashes exponentially. And now back to


bit more on this months star charting:

As per the usual, we are expe- riencing both the high points of one sign, Scorpio, and the begin- ning of another sign, Sagittarius. We are going from a fixed water sign to a mutable fire sign and as long as (metaphorically speak- ing) you keep a strong pan con- taining the water for making up your favorite tea not too close to the fire. You will make an easy transition to the sign that brings riches and travels both mentally and physically to the Sagitarian. As for all you Scorpions, fol- lowing your keen intuition and connecting with your heart while following those bread crumbs which by the way, the birds did not see, find or eat, and they will

way and is by far the best. Plants will ben- efit from fires and use it to their advan- tage, sprouting in the nutrient rich ash. Fire is an impor- tant part of the eco- system and natural cycle on this planet. We have always had a relationship with fire and its vexing legacy. Homo sapiens are the only species that have learned to control fire. One of the five alchemical elements, they are the basic constituents of all matter. We have burned fos- sil biomass, combustible fuel, for hundreds and thousands of years. Fire ecology is complex and will always be a part of our world. Chilly autumn fog blankets the land in very early morning. Lis- tening to amusing songs of mock- ingbirds, blue jays squawking and watching black crows congre-

The Green Return ... continued from page 7 of white

lead you back to the home you dearly cherish and love. So Sagitarians, as you continue to implement your spirited self as a strong and positive force, try not to lose sight of your aim of accomplishing one goal and leaving too many tabs open. Believe in yourself regardless

of all

the chatter of oth- ers and their beliefs about you; you hold your own key that only unlocks your own treasure trove that you will probably share with your extended family and tribe. As we draw very close to that

time of year that finds everyone socializing it is fair to say that you Scorpios and Sagitarians make great hosts and inventive cooks that will put out a great spread of food which includes the mental, physical and spiri- tual in a non-parochial way and feeds the body and soul simulta- neously.

Happy Birthday Scorpions and Sagitarians as we all hold hands in giving thanks. And in closing, as we begin the rebuilding of our lives and community, I will provide a free astrology analy-

gate. Red and golden leaves beginning to scatter. Afternoons with lacy-edged whit- est


clouds drift against soft blue. Evening will be strung with silver and pinkish rib- bons of cloud as dark- ness chases the light. Tomorrow breathe

in the new day and try to be more mindful of every priceless mo- ment. Get up close and personal. We are going forward, one collec- tive step at a time.

Remember the sweet poem Emily Dickenson wrote . . .

Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul And sings the tune without the words

And never stops at all.

The Beer Boys ... continued from page 12

Some of the local breweries that I know are on board, are 3rd Street Aleworks, Bear Re- public, Grav South and Moon- light Brewing. With 50 brew- eries participating I’m sure you’ll find one of your favor- ites offering a signature brew under the Sonoma Pride label. A 100% of the proceeds will be going to this cause. A huge thank you to all who have helped, and continue to help in our recovery. When- ever you are visiting your fa- vorite taproom or brewpub and they display the Sonoma Pride, order up a tall one. Cheers!

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” ~ Wayne W. Dyer UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • November 2017 • 31 ‘Just Chillin’

sis to anyone for the month of November 2017. As I have an enormous work load, I will an-

swer everyone. Email me one major question you have (zakzai- along with your month/day/ year of birth as well as time and location. If you are deciding to run for president you

will need to be within 2 minutes of your exact

birth time but otherwise don’t

worry birth certificates are fairly ac- curate unless you were born in the outback :)

See you next month! Zak Zaikine

Hauling, ... continued from page 5

done. And, miraculously, they were right! Joleen, of Trashy Behavior is surely the strongest

lady we have ever met anywhere in the world. She and her part- ners can take on any task of any dimension: both residential and professional. Give them a call when you are looking for a speedy, excellent outcome of any home needs. Courageous Sue Carrell and As-

sociates are terrific rental prop- erty management professionals. Tey are simply put:

wise magicians. Trough them we met the most amazing, bril- liant property owner from whom we are grateful to rent. Tanks to all of them. We give a shout out to always

kind and

cheerful Tom and all his col- leagues at Lucky’s and to new friends Letty and Merceder at Grocery Outlet. To our new mail person patient professional: Miri- am, a big thank you for helping us cope with all the mess of changes

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