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The Road to Recovery! by Barry O'Meara • life time memories,

SANTA ROSA, CA. ~ In these times when disaster strikes it becomes diffi cult to fi nd an “Upbeat” moment to refl ect. I am over- whelmed at the devastat- ing fi restorm that ripped through Sonoma

County and tore into the heart of Santa Rosa, destroying

homes and businesses

and displac- ing thousands. T is fi re cut through every social economic stratum.

lion dollar property to mobile home parks.

From the multimil- Rich or poor,

having your home destroyed with all your possessions and


to ashes, provides a common thread that tie a community together.

With so many homes and fami- lies displaced there

is not a Sonoma County.

person in this county that has not been touched by a friend or family that has been dev- astated by the worst natural disaster to hit California and I’m thankful

my home survived but only by luck, the destruction is all too close to home. T e apprecia- tion to the fi rst responders is demonstrated by all the ban- ners and signs that hang high

and proud. When times are at their worst we grow stronger from it and will rebuild. Now that the disaster is over it is time to re-build. We as- sess what we have and be thankful we are alive. What steps

can and should we take. By the time this is published most may

have already taken these steps. In a housing market that was already stressed from a short- age, elimi- nating over 6,000 homes does not help.

If you

were rent- ing and were displaced,

there is not much avail- able to rent. If you were a home owner and you lost your home, hopefully your insurance will get you back to square one. What to do to start the re-

building. File your insurance claim. T is will start with con- tacting your insurance agent. You should request an advance to help pay for living expenses.

Holiday Guide #1 • 2017 ~ EVENTS, ENTERTAINMENT, FOOD AND More! Dec. 3, 7, 8, 9

“A Christmas Fantasia”

If you recently purchased or refi nanced, contact your lend- er and request a copy of the ap- praisal. Make a list of items lost. Find pictures from your cloud or phone that can be used to

document items. Contact friends and fam-

ily on Facebook that may have captured pictures of lost pos- sessions.

Contact your loan

servicer and fi nd out if they can off er any relief or tempo- rary forbearance of payment. Most defi nitely continue mak- ing payments till arrangements have been made. No need to add bad credit

to your current troubles.

Cancel or suspend

any util-

ity service such as phone land lines, cable service and garbage service. FHA has a loan program to

help in a time of disaster. T e FHA 203(H) program is in- tended to assist Disaster vic- tims to get back on their feet. T is program off ers 100% fi - nancing for households that

Healsburg, CA. ~ Healdsburg Chorus will present “A Christ- mas Fantasia” at the Glaser Center, Santa Rosa and Dec. 3rd & 7th-9th: Healdsburg Community Church. Jim Hum- phreys, our fearless leader, has been at work since our spring concert’s echo died away, sift- ing through music, old and new, creating that perfect mix of “fantasia”


work) and songs about winter and the winter holidays. Susan Nelson, our accom- panist, has also been at work practicing this wonderful mu- sic to create magic at the key- board. We look forward to your participation by singing with us, making a donation, and/or being in the audience. Thank you for your ongoing sup- port. Time: Dec. 3: 3-4:30pm, Dec. 7-8 - 7-8:30pm, Dec. 9: 3-4:30pm. Cost: $15. Brenda Balding.

have lost their homes in a disas- ter. T is program is available even to renters. You can even use this to purchase in other locations. Because of a disas- ter, many documents needed for fi nancing are not available. Under this program alternative documentation such as IRS transcripts are acceptable. Evi- dence the borrower is working with the loan servicer and in- surance is suffi cient to exclude the mortgage payment from the liabilities. T is programs is intended to make the process of fi nancing and relocating as painless as possible. Sonoma County has launched

California’s Hard Money Lender since 1988. Call Today If Interested: (707) 523-2099. See recent offerings on our website:

a new website sonomacounty- for information on meetings and news on fi re related issues.

T is site contains before-and-

aſt er maps, rental and housing listings, and information about debris removal and where to get fi nancial assistance. We

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will recover and rebuild. We are Sonoma County Strong!

The BIG Holiday Guide 2 arrives November 28th!



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