Protect Your Family and Your Business from Identity Theft

Two FREE Shred-A-Thons will be held by Orange County Solid Waste Management in conjunction with local law enforcement. • Thursday, October 12, from 10am-2pm at University Place behind the Silver Spot Theater off Willow Drive. This is a park and walk-up service.

• Saturday, October 14, from 10am to 2pm at the Recycling Drop-off site behind Home Depot at Hampton Pointe in Hillsborough, with drive-through service.

Events are restricted to residents and small businesses in Orange County and

that part of the Town of Chapel Hill in Durham County, as well as employees of the County and the Towns of Carrboro, Chapel Hill and Hillsborough. Each participant is limited to four bags or boxes of confidential paper. The types of paper are limited to confidential documents such as financial

or medical records. Non-confidential paper should be recycled in blue carts or drop off sites, not taken to the Shred-A-Thon. Leave out the magazines, envelopes, brochures, folders, and other non-confidential paper to help ensure capacity for everyone’s truly confidential paper.

If a piece of bulk mail contains financial infor-

mation such as credit card application forms, those individual papers should be separated for shredding. A name and address alone do not constitute confidential information. Incidental tape and staples are OK. Plastics, metals, digital media, and other non-paper items are not permitted. These free shredding events are sponsored by the Edward Jones office of Tom

Struckmeyer in Hillsborough, and the Local Government Federal Credit Union. For information, visit See ad on this page.

FREE * Protect Your Family, Protect Your Business, Protect the Environment * FREE

Bring those confi dential documents you no longer need (up to 4 boxes or bags)!

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Safe destruction and recycling. Reduce your risk of identity theft.

Open to Orange County (and those in Durham County within Town Limits of Chapel Hill) residents, small businesses and local government employees.

10 am–2 pm, Thursday, Oct. 12 at University Place, Chapel Hill (park and walk up service)

10 am–2 pm, Saturday Oct. 14 at Hampton Pointe, Hillsborough (drive-through service)

Confi dential paper documents only. Please do not bring newspapers, magazines, plastic binders, metal or electronic media.

Information: Call 919.968.2788 or

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