business does not have adequate protection and a cyber attack results in theft of company or client data, they could be liable for fines of up to 4% of turnover, which for some businesses could be hundreds of thousands of pounds. Many people also underestimate the cyber risk their

smart-phones and tablets pose. Phones and tablets are increasingly becoming more connected and synchronised to the Internet and other IT systems and can contain a large amount of sensitive data that can be easily attacked or stolen. For example, most mobile devices are fitted with Near Field Communication, a technology that allows devices to exchange information simply by placing them next to one another. Crooks will often walk slowly past a queue of people scanning mobile phones in pockets and hand bags stealing data. Sadly, too much of our work is in helping people restructure their IT security and back up planning after the event rather than preventing it in the first place. Believe me, it is a far more economical to allocate a proportion of any IT budget to providing a robust and appropriate computer disaster recovery plan than not. Had BA and the NHS done this, then it is highly likely the problems they encountered would have been much quicker and easier to remedy”. Given that cyber crime is netting crooks literally

billions of pounds a year we can be assured that it will continue to pose a threat for the foreseeable future. So what can individuals, companies and organisations do to help reduce the impact of cyber crime? Richard Lloyd of NC Insurance has some helpful advice for anyone concerned. “Ask yourself this; what would be the impact upon

your business and trading position if your entire IT system was hacked, erased, held to ransom or just crashed? For many businesses it could be catastrophic

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and extremely commercially damaging. Just look at what happened to BA and the NHS. However, there are a number of things a business

can do to minimise the threats posed by cyber crime. The first is to undertake a review of the IT system and identify any areas of weakness and ensure these are adequately addressed. You won’t get this from an online comparison site, it’s far better to get an expert to do it properly. Specialist IT communications and security companies, such as Adept, will generally provide a free comprehensive appraisal of the IT equipment and how it is used, they can then offer an appropriate level of protection based upon the overall operational needs of the business. Other things to consider is to understand the way in

which cyber crime works and ensure all staff are aware of any potential threats and how to avoid succumbing to them. It may also be worth considering investing in a cyber insurance policy too; cyber insurance is becoming more and more popular as most standard business insurance policies don’t cover any losses resulting from cyber crime. Cyber crime is probably one of the greatest threats to businesses today and it makes economic sense to be protected. NC Insurance has a range of polices to ensure that, in the event of being the victim of cyber crime, cover is available to compensate a business or help get it back on track”.

Adept CTS Ltd. and NC Insurance have pub- lished a free guide on how to reduce the risk of cyber crime. To get the free guide or request a free IT security appraisal simply contact Adept on Tel: 0191 341 0123 or email:


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