NFSUK Success at the Mobility Roadshow At the beginning of June the NFSUK

attended the 2017 Mobility Roadshow at Stoneleigh and for us, it was a great success. The new events team had listened to

the show feedback from last year and worked hard to lay on a great event. The general opinion was a great improvement on last year's show, including all exhibitors on one level, parking a stone throw from the front door. Even little touches such as using toilets with notices on, which informed visitors which toilets were left or right transfer. Wheelchair spaces were left at each dining table making it easy for diners to access the table area with their friends and family. One of the highlights for us was being situated in the

hall that contained the sports arena, in which wheelchair basketball and wheelchair dancing took place. Everyone

couldn’t help but join in. People were laughing and smiling enjoying the music and movement and the wheelchair routines were great. We were able to meet with Scheme

managers, users and people who had not heard of Shopmobility before. This made for a varied show for us and it was good to discuss the benefits of Shopmobility and to hear feedback and answer questions. We were also there to raise awareness of the New National Mobility Registration

Service. The scheme was launched in March and we were able to answer a variety of questions about the registration service which we have highlighted in our Q&A details below. Visitors signed up across all three days. It was a very positive show and we look forward to working with the event team next year and hope to see you there.

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about the National Mobility Registration (NMR).

Is it for my Motability car? No. This is for mobility scooters and power chairs,

your car is registered with the DVLA and therefore there is no benefit to you to register your car. •

Is it insurance? No. This is not an insurance policy we recommend

you obtain insurance for your vehicle as an extra precaution. The NMR is a register where we store your registration details against a unique registration number. If the vehicle were to be stolen we would be able to help the police in the tracking of your vehicle using the unique number and your registered details. • How much does it cost to register? The register costs £12 per year the National

Federation of Shopmobility UK (NFSUK) who run the service as a non-profit organisation. Part of the fee is donated to a local Shopmobility of your choice when you register. Each year the scheme will be given a donation from your registration. So you really are helping to support all Shopmobility schemes across the UK and NFSUK projects. • What is the benefit of registering my mobility vehicle? The scheme is voluntary. However, 517 scooters

were stolen in 2015 (valued at over £600,000) and only 22% were recovered*. We understand that your vehicle is not just a set of wheels. It is your

Ability Needs Magazine

independence, your mobility and your life that is affected by a theft. Your scooter or chair becomes an extension of you, it’s personal. Our aim is to reunite more people with their vehicles. • How do I find out more about Shopmobility? Schemes loan scooters

and wheelchairs to those with mobility impairments, whether temporary or permanent and regardless of if you own your own scooter. Shopmobility is there to support everyone nationwide and we feel there is more and more need for our services. NFSUK have recently launched its 2017 directory with useful information about the federation and this is available from your local scheme or by telephone from NFSUK on 01933- 01933-229644. To visit you nearest scheme visit the NFSUK website today. If you require any further information you can go to where you can also register your vehicle. To find an NFSUK member near you or to find out more about the National Federation of Shopmobility please visit

*figures based on information gathered through the Freedom of Information Act from the UK police forces. 47

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