was able to reignite her dream of acting and went onto land further acting roles, appearances in pop promos, TV commercials and news reporting. Samantha remains a

passionate campaigner for disability awareness and continues to fundraise for a number of charities including Scope. Samantha is currently promoting ‘Parallel London’ a

AN: How do you like to relax? Samantha: Although I am a chatterbox and love people, I also really love being on my own - in the sun if possible.

AN:What makes you laugh? Samantha: Pretty much everything. I love TV shows like the Big Bang Theory. I’m a good old Lancashire lass, so Peter Kay’s sense of humour always makes me giggle too.

AN:What is your favourite TV programme? Samantha: Well, I was a massive Buffy fan when I was little; my father passed away just as Buffy came out in the UK, so for me it was a comfort blanket. When I watch it now I still have a warm nostalgic feeling come over me. I’m also a big Netflix fan and recently just finished a show called GIRLBOSS which was fab.

AN:Who is your favourite singer or band? Samantha: My music taste is very eclectic and I love to go clubbing in London. Dance music has always played a big role in my life. However, I am equally a big MUSE fan. I have everything from Britney Spears to Nine Inch Nails on my iTunes,


AN:What is your greatest achievement so far? Samantha: I would like to say I’ve achieved a lot and every hurdle or achievement is significant and noteworthy. However, making the decision to leave teaching and moving 200 miles away on my own to London was my personal greatest achievement. Winning best actress at the LA DIVERSITY FILM FESTIVAL from my first ever acting role was also a highlight. Becoming a household name is pretty cool too.

Ability Needs Magazine

Getting to Know You – Samantha Renke

including the Best Actress Award for Samantha. Following the success of Little Devil, Samantha

fully accessible fun run and free family festival at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which takes place on Sunday, 3 September 2017. Samantha Renke is a

delightful and talented individual with a phenomenal zest and passion for her chosen vocation. She is a great example of how being disabled does not prevent one from succeeding or achieving ones dreams and ambitions and she

was delighted to take the A.N. interview.

AN:What is the best piece of advice you would give someone? Samantha: Don’t worry about other people’s opinions. It’s not their life, it’s yours.

AN:What is your favourite gadget? Samantha: I love music, so my BOSE mini speaker and my i-phone too. I also have an app on my phone where I can control my lights in my bedroom, which makes it easy when I’m too lazy to get out of bed and turn them on and off.

AN:What is your favourite drink? Samantha: Anything alcoholic based!

AN:Where in the world would you like to go on holiday? Samantha: Los Angeles - one part of America I’ve not been to.

AN:Which fictional or historical character do you most identify with? Samantha: Probably Buffy - a small blonde lady, but a force to be reckoned with!

AN: If you had a talking parrot what would you teach it to say? Samantha: Probably something crude, again, Northern sense of humour!

AN:Which four people would you most like to have dinner with? Samantha: My mum, sister and nieces.

AN: How would you like to be remembered? Samantha: As a feisty, courageous, Northern lass, who did her best to change the world for people with disabilities.



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