HANKS TO ALL TERRAIN WHEELCHAIRS, nine- year-old Alby from Newcastle is now able to enjoy family days out and school trips

regardless of where the destination might be. In 2009 Alby was diagnosed with a rare form of

Muscular Dystrophy, which affects all aspects of his muscles and means he is unable to walk. As Alby grew, his parents decided they wanted to find him a powerchair that would allow him to enjoy a more active outdoor lifestyle so they started researching possible powerchairs that would make this possible as his father Keith and partner Sarah explained: “We looked at various

manufacturers, some good and some not so good. Due to his Muscular Dystrophy, we knew Alby would need a custom-built chair that would have a good headrest and joystick controls while also being able to take Alby ‘off- road’ and this was a problem as most of the makes we looked at could not meet our criteria”. That was until they saw footage of the Extreme X8

from All Terrain Wheelchairs online. “We knew the X8 would be perfect for Alby and meet all his requirements so we spoke to Cheryl and she arranged for Richard to visit us at home with a demonstration model. Alby loved it from the moment he saw it and when Richard explained that they could tailor the chair to meet his exact needs we knew we had found the answer!” Shortly after the first meeting and demonstration,

Alby’s parents placed their order and last April he received the best birthday present ever – his Extreme X8 powerchair which he immediately named Nitro. Alby uses his powerchair most weekends and during the school holidays and it has opened up a whole new world for him. Thanks to Nitro, Alby can now join the rest of his class on school trips to places that were previously inaccessible to him such as woodlands.

It has also allowed Alby to enjoy proper family holidays and days out. For example, prior

to getting his Extreme X8 Alby could never venture onto the sand at the beach as he would immediately get stuck but now he can join in the fun with his sister Ava. “The Extreme X8 has made a real difference, not just

to Alby but the whole family. Since taking delivery of Nitro we have enjoyed family breaks in the Lake District where we have climbed fells, crossed streams and enjoyed long walks and none of this would be possible without Alby’s Extreme X8. Even the simple little things such as going up and down a kerb and not having to look for a dropped kerb is now possible, something every wheelchair or powerchair user will understand” continued Sarah. Alby’s Extreme X8 is a 4x4 powerchair which is

powered by 4 independent motors providing a top speed of 6.2mph (10kph) and is available in a choice of colours and finishes. The articulated frame technology on which the Extreme X8 is built helps keep all four driving wheels on the ground while the 14” low pressure tyres provide the necessary traction required to overcome terrain which most standard powerchairs would find impossible to tackle. Every powerchair from All

Terrain Wheelchairs is bespoke and can be integrated with a wide range of control and seating options to ensure there is an all- terrain solution for most people regardless of their level of disability. “I would not hesitate in recommending the team at All

Terrain Wheelchairs to anyone and everyone, from the first phone call, they were incredibly helpful and made sure Alby’s powerchair was perfect for him. These powerchairs are just amazing and open so many more doors for both adults and children alike” concluded Keith and Sarah.

For more information on the full range of powerchairs available from All Terrain Wheelchairs and to arrange a free demonstration

call 01952 471 255 or visit

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