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Connected Australia! T

here’s no question that we are living in a time of dramatic transformation for the ITS indus- try as we move to the deployment phase of

a variety of innovative technologies. This is no more evident than here in Melbourne at the 23rd ITS World Congress. The demonstrations at the 23rd ITS World

Congress will showcase a world first demonstra- tion of interoperability in Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS). In this world first, six companies will come together to show open standards-based interoperability in Coopera- tive Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS). This is also the first time in the world that ETSI and ISO standards have been implemented in live inter- sections. These six companies have worked col- laboratively to confirm that their equipment will work together – Q-Free, NXP, Kapsch, Cohda Wireless, CO-GISTICS and Robert Bosch Australia. This World Congress, only the second to be

held in Australia after Sydney in 2001, will play host to 14 demonstrations across four locations showcasing the latest in ITS technology includ- ing automated driving, connected vehicle tech- nology and advanced communications. We will also be showcasing a number of deployments of DSRC-connected vehicle technology along a con- nected urban corridor. With a technology showcase extending over

18 locations, Melbourne is proud to be showcas- ing the transport technology that delivers our liveable city. And that’s no idle claim – Melbourne has been voted the World’s Most Liveable City for the sixth successive year by The Economist’s glo- bal liveability survey, Among many highlights in Melbourne this

week is a High Level Policy Roundtable that will feature 35 Ministerial and Mayoral officials and their delegates, together with 11 Minister-level attendees from across the globe with the goal of exploring strategies to leverage transport technology to improve the liveability of our cities and communities. This is an event that 1 G’day and welcome to

we are very much looking forward to hosting but with around 1,000 different presentations during the ITS World Congress, the diversity and richness of activity in ITS industry at the moment is being superbly demonstrated and suitably represented. For further evidence of this we are welcoming

registrations from over 50 different countries and delegates and visitors alike will have the chance to talk to and exchange pleasantries with almost 300 exhibitors. Across Australia there is a buzz of activity to

leverage the benefits of advanced transport technology and to provide a solid framework for industry to bring the latest technology to Australia. Just last month Australia’s Stand- ing Council on Transport and Infrastructure released an updated Policy Framework for Intel- ligent Transport Systems in Australia, setting the scene for Australia to continue to leverage the significant safety, environmental and efficiency benefits available from ITS technology. Also last month the Australia Communications and Media Authority released the draft regulatory framework which when approved will enable the deployment of C-ITS equipped vehicles by 2017, and facilitate innovation in the C-ITS industry. I invite you to review this inaugural edition of

Connected Australia, produced in collaboration with H3B Media, publishers of Thinking Highways and Thinking Cities magazines, to further explore ITS developments in Australia and to take the opportunity at the ITS World Congress to experi- ence the latest connected autonomy technology.

Susan Harris CEO of ITS Australia


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