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Hello and welcome… F

or the Project Director of the ITS World Congress, the ideal opportu- nity to promote your business’s latest

innovation naturally starts with the World Congress demonstrations. And that’s the case for Dean Zabrieszach and the R&D team at the HMI Technologies Auckland office who have cleverly converted their Bluetooth RouteTIP “virtual VMS” into a message system that delegates can download and use while in Melbourne. Dean Zabrieszach is Vice President of

ITS Australia, Project Director for the 23rd World Congress and as if that was not enough, he is also CEO for HMI Technolo- gies Australia, a growing business spe- cialising in innovative ITS technology and solutions. With the hard work and exten- sive travel preparing for and promoting the Congress behind him, Dean and his team can now focus HMI Technologies growth in Australia and Asia-Pacific. “The World Congress has been front of

mind for me for the past 18 months, but we weren’t about to let that stop of us from making the most of it for HMI Tech- nologies,” says Dean, “It’s really rewarding for us to be ready to showcase at the World Congress, because our team have been working hard over the last two years.” “While continuing to develop our LED

electronic signage solutions, they’ve also been developing beta versions and running trials of the RouteTIP system, most recently in a three-month public trial across New Zealand’s mountainous South Island.” With years of experience in develop-

ing integrated and stand-alone electronic signage solutions HMI Technologies is acutely aware of the various challenges and expenses associated with installing bulky and resource-demanding infra- structure in both remote rural environ- ments as well as dense urban areas.

 Dean Zabrieszach, Vice President of ITS Australia, Project Director for the 23rd World Congress and CEO for HMI Technologies Australia

HMI’s Virtual Variable Message Signs welcome and inform delegates, as Simon McManus explains

The RouteTIP system overcomes many

of these challenges with small units being easy to ship, easy to install or relocate. Being lightweight as well as battery- and solar-powered (off grid) RouteTIP also offers environmental benefits. HMI Tech- nologies is underway with plans to ensure the system integrates with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Delegates can access the RouteTIP

demo from their smartphone via the RouteTIP website, the app has been spe- cially customised for the Congress. The app along with some 40 Bluetooth bea- cons installed throughout the Convention Centre and across Melbourne (including Melbourne Airport, Albert Park and the Southbank/Botanical Gardens areas) will deliver informative location-specific real- time alerts. The RouteTIP beacons and app have

been successfully tested in real life over the past two years, with HMI Technolo- gies working with both New Zealand’s NZTA and VicRoads in Melbourne. ●

 For more information or to download RouteTIP visit

 HMI Technologies have converted their Bluetooth RouteTIP “virtual VMS” into a message system that ITS WC delegates can use while in Melbourne


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