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January. Ugh. So boring. So cold. So poor. So unshiny and uncolourful. What can we possibly do to cheer ourselves up? I KNOW. Let’s go see some live humans making music to entertain us in a lovely warm room with other nice people and have a little drink and all will be well. It’ll soon be festival season, dudes. Let’s pace ourselves and keep the faith.

Tere’s a special Bare Feet Records gig atTe Plasterer’son the 3rd, ushering the year in in style with Luke Peter Foster, Otto Billstromm andSoham De.

Catch local duoDecember Teoryat an acoustic evening atGonzo’son the 7th. It’s gentle, it’s lovely and just what I need to see 2016 in.

Oddbox Promotions present live music from local ambient post rock merchantsHost plusMari Joyce (full band) andHot RaisinatTe Murdererson the 8th.

Get down toTe Arts Centreon the 8th to catch loads of ace local acts courtesy of Te Tilting Sky, including Lobster,Perfect Mistakes and Cabrakid DJ’s in the bar.

Do some good whilst rockin’ out to Norwich folk outfitAddison’s Uncle at Norwich Arts Centreon the 9th. Tey’re raising hell and raising money for Plan International on the night along with Jake Morrell and Kingdom Keys. Good stuff.

Also on the 9th,head to the B2for a motherload of melodic black metal bands including Khtoniaand

34 /January 2016/

Severed Heaven. Crushingly beautiful, just like you.

90’s Californian rockers Alien Ant Farmwill be playing their debut album Anthology (LOLZ) in full at Te Waterfronton the 13th, ably supported by INME and Te Dirty Youth.

If hardcore Canadian punk’s your thing, check outCancer Bats atTe Waterfronton the 14th. See you there.

Tere’s a new night atTe Arts Centreon the 16th, and it’s called FOLK THAT. Genius. Te first one feats five different acts,Haiku Salut, Inlay, Mat Riviere, True Adventuresand Tom Eagle. Spilt rotten Norwich, that’s what we are.

Te Temperance Movementhave supported the Stones and you can’t say better than that. Tey’re playing at the LCRon the 17thalong with Te Sheepdogs.

Virginian rock band Turnover will be supported by Norwich punk superstars Claws and Teen Brains atTe Owl Sanctuaryon the 18th.A glowing line up.

40-something punk rockersBeach Slangwill

be slaying the crowd at Te Owl Sanctuaryon the 19th. Teir debut album has had rave reviews, and they are really something special. Don’t miss this one.

Baaba Maal is a singer and guitarist from Senegal. He’s a musician and activist who’s worked with Eno and Mumford and Sons amongst many others, and he’s bringing his beautiful and uplifting African music to Te Waterfronton the 19th. See you there.

Alt-rock courtesy of Norwich’sTe Everlaine comes to theB2on the 21st.Tey’re very good. Expect to see them in Kerrang at some point, no diggity, no doubt.

Voodoo Glow Skullsmake carazzzzzzy punk ska and will be bringing their Californian party vibes to Te Owl Sanctuaryon the 22nd. Bring it on chaps! We can take it all and give it back just as hard.

Te22ndsees acclaimed local acts Tibetan Night Terrors, Secret From Richard, Surcoand Changing Times to the Waterfront Studio, brought to you by Te Tilting Sky.

Get your fill of delta blues with legendary axeman Kent Duchaine atNACon the 25th.He’s been playing since 1968 so I expect NO mistakes. Dust that air guitar off, and bring it along with you. Why not.

Heard of Vieux Farka Toure? He’s only ‘Te Hendrix of the Sahara’, innit! He’s bringing his African desert blues to

NACon the 26thto make us all properly swoon and feel the sand blowing on our faces. See you there.

Head toGonzo’s to see awesome local musicians Howard Stanley, Phoebe Troupand Abigail Blake also on the 26th, courtesy of Bare Feet Records.

I bet you don’t know anyone from Tallahassee, Florida, do you you? Well that’s where rock/emo fellowsMayday Parade are from. Tey’ll be playing songs from their new album Black Lines at the LCRon the 28th. Horns up!

Kate Stables brings her folk bandTis Is Te Kit to one of the most beautiful venues in Norwich, the Octagon Chapelon the 28th.Tey brought the house down at NAC last time they played Norwich so this will definitely be a winner.

Famed siblings Kitty, Daisy and Lewis will be playing tracks from their most recent album Te Tird along with their parents on double bass and guitar at NACon the 29th. Toe tapping a plenty, and probably some superfun dancing. It’s a family affair.

Accomplished singer songwriter Jess Morgan has been doing rather well, touring all over, and the 31st sees a homecoming gig for this Norwich lady at Te Bicycle Shop, supported by Bryde.

See you next month for more live action, kids.


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