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I say, I say, I say. Here’s a hearty larf: Why does Snoop use an umbrella?

Tank you. One reason I really like this joke is that it’s about hip hop and I get it. I’m down

with the fact that “rhyme” can be a verb these days. I may be kindov a Goth - the whitest of all the music peoples - but even I know that there’s a guy called Snoop <insert name of animal>, and a really important guy called Dr Dre who, I seem to remember, now makes overpriced earmuffs. Embarrassingly, that’s pretty much the extent of my knowledge of hip hop, so I came to Straight Outta Compton as a tabula rasa; an empty cup ready to be filled with the

strength of street knowledge.

And by Jove, I think I like it. Straight Outta Compton is exactly my kind of music biopic: a sweeping, Scorsese- style ensemble affair, jammed with great performances and social significance. If I’d made this film, I would’ve called it ‘Hoodfellas’ or somesuch. But I didn’t make it, I simply watched it. And now I know all about West Coast hip hop pioneers Niggaz Wit Attitudes, and I’ve heard most of the seminal album from which this film takes its title. And it’s just really smashing.

Honestly, though. SOC is a very fine film whether you’re a rap aficionado or not, and you should watch it at your earliest convenience. Until then, ponder this if you please: What tool does Snoop use for masonry work?

A chizzle (chisel). Jay Freeman

January FILM RELEASES 01 JanuaryJoyDavid O. Russell writes and directs this dry, quirky comedy based on the true story of Joy Mangano, the woman who invented the miracle mop and founded a business empire on the back of it. Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper. Will this wipe the floor at this year’s Oscars, or will it be a case of pass the bucket?

15 January Te Revenant Alejandro González Iñárritu (Birdman) brings us his bid for a few noms more, with this tale of survival and revenge, as a hunter is left for dead by the rest of his party after being mauled by a bear. And it’s snowing! Stars Leonardo DiCaprio (will this be his year Oscar-wise?) and Tom Hardy.

22 January Our Brand is CrisisSandra Bullock and Billy Bob Tornton star as two rival political advisors that end up on different sides of a presidential campaign in Bolivia. Will her American political strategies beat his? Will she win any Oscar noms? Unlikely, at least not for this. Still, looks pretty funny though, and besides, she’s already got one, God bless ‘er.

29 January Spotlight True story of how a team of reporters at the Boston Globe investigated a child abuse cover-up that leads them right to the heart of the Catholic Church, and revelations across the whole world. Gritty stuff starring loads of really good acty people: Brad Pitt, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schrieber, John Slattery, Stanley Tucci… nom, nom, nom, nom, nom!Smiley


04 January Te Cobbler I still haven’t forgiven Adam Sandler for Pixels, and this tale of a man and his magic sewing machine hasn’t helped. It had me in stitches for all the wrong reasons. Cobblers..

11 January Nurse Jackie: Season 7 I’ve used these pages to sing the praises of this touching, funny, and unflinching exploration of addiction before, and I make no apologies for that. Edie Falco’s multi-award winning performance as the titular tweaker is phenomenal, and this final season may just be the best of the lot.

18 January True Detective: Season 2Tis second season was never going to live up to the drawling, dusty, dilemma-soaked brilliance of the first, but a career-best performance by the criminally underrated Colin Farrell, a deliciously noir plot, and a haunting soundtrack make it well worth your while.

25 January LegendTese are Krays-ey Krays-ey Krays-ey Krays-ey nights. Whoa Yeyah! And what could be better than Tom Hardy? TWO Tom Hardys! Legend has its problems, and it sometimes feels a bit directionless, but the bifurcated brilliance of Hardy’s brotherly guv is a joy to behold. Jay Freeman

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