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bloke, I thought if I sing it really nicely to her I might get a shag! So I lit some candles and got some wine and sang it to her and at the end of it she said “What’s for tea?” Hahahahaha! In my mind the protagonist in Open Up Your Door is a hopeless drunk and his partner’s pissed off with him, he’s probably fell in t’fishpond and broken a gnome and he’s trying to get into the house. Tere’s a sexual aspect to it I’ve been told. My friend Jeanette Lee who was in PiL and runs Rough Trade Records, when she first heard it she called me and goes “You dirty dirty bastard!” and I was like “What?” and she said “You know!” What’s the music scene like in Sheffield at the moment…anyone you’d recommend we check out? I’m not an expert on it unfortunately, I’m out of the loop. I go to Te

Postlethwaite’s! Sheffield is clearly a very dear place to you. What is it about the city that sets it apart from others for you? Well, can you tell me why you love Norwich so much? You know what they say about Norfolk? It’s Norfolk’n’good! I love it! It’s an amazing place! Sheffield’s the greenest city in the E.U, there are 260 municipal parks and green spaces that we can all use. Politically it’s always been, in my opinion, right thinking, and there’s a fearlessness to the people although that’s a generalisation of course. I like

“You know what they say about No Norfolk? It’s


Greystones pub which is near my house quite a lot to see bands. Tere’s a great band from Sheffield that I adore called Te High Hazels; I think they’re really important and I wish someone would sign them. I get sent a lot of stuff all the time but being a writer I live in a self imposed bubble. I like to maintain a healthy state of boredom as I’ve mentioned and I like to fill my own space with my own music. I’m not really obsessed with being up to the minute and at my age there are more days behind me than there are ahead of me, but it’s alright, that’s a darkness I can handle. So it doesn’t make me in any way less hopeful, it just means I know the clock’s ticking so I have to focus even more on what I’m doing rather than what others are doing. If Picasso was nipping over to Dali’s house every two minutes he wouldn’t be himself, you know what I’m saying? If Tora Hird kept nipping over to Pete

14 /January 2016/

Fender Hawaiian guitar in the window. It was a long time ago and I didn’t have a pot to piss in. I played this instrument and asked the guy how much it was, and once I picked myself up off the floor I thanked him for letting me play it, cos I was honoured to play this beautiful thing. So we left and two days later when I got to the studio, that guitar was there. Nancy had bought it for me. If you want to impress me, don’t be a dick. I’m impressed by people who aren’t prats because of their success. If you think about it I’ve worked with Nancy Sinatra and Lisa Marie Presley and their fathers were two of the greatest stars the world’s ever seen, but t I can guarantee that they are two of the most wonderful human beings I’ve ever met. Tat impresses me more than a gold Cadillac. I’m interested in

it ‘cos it’s a big city but

if you want to, you can disappear. I love cities like Manchester or Liverpool, but you go to Manchester and you can’t find a twig let alone a fucking tree! My heart and soul is here and our family has been here for years. Te name Hollow Meadows was originally Hawley Meadows. We were serfs to the Duke of Norfolk right back to the 14th century and I’ve traced it back even further than that. I found this little village called Hawley (which translated from Norse and Anglo Saxon to mean ‘lost place”). Tank God for Sheffield; it’s made me who I am. You’ve worked with some huge names over the years; Hank Marvin, Lisa Marie Presley, and you’ve supported greats like R.E.M on tour. Have you ever been star struck? No, I’ve never been starstruck. I’ve been shoppingwith Nancy Sinatra, that was a laugh! We went into a music shop in New York beacuse I saw a 1952

how you live your life and how skilfully you can lose your dignity, hahahaha! How graceful will your fall be after eight pints! Do you have a New Year’s resolution for 2016, Richard? I’d really like to be rid of smoking. I’ve got to the point where I’m sick of it, and it’s a disgusting habit. I freed myself of it temporarily. I do worry that there’s something wrong in my head, when I have to go back to it. I’ve given up far worse things in my life and done it really easily. It really bothers me but the thing about it is I genuinely enjoy smoking. It’s Gollum and the ring, when he lost it he missed it all the time, and because of the sadness of that he didn’t live. Yep, to wave goodbye to that demon would be a blessing for all concerned. It’s fucking boring as well and bad for my voice. I’m addicted to guitars and records too. Tey’re not harmless though…a guitar played badly is a fucking weapon!

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