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Millennium Library

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ids, it’s time to get librarylicious. It’s a new year and a new YOU, and that YOU can go to the Millennium Library at the Forum and borrow up to 10 CD’s for 80p each for a week.

You remember CD’s, right? How good it felt to crack open that case, slide it in and get on down? Enjoy those feels again in 2016.

Sure, they have Coldplay and Adele. But there are plenty other rare gems nestling in the racks that you should definitely hunt down. Take yourself to school this year (by which I mean the library) and get informed and just goddamned cooler courtesy of their marv music collections. Choose from evocative soundtracks, hep jazz, gentle folk, epic classical, rock n pop, natch, plus some mindblowing anthologies and collections that you’d struggle to find elsewhere. What about American Hardcore ’80-’86? Can I interest you in Te Rise of Jamaican Dancehall Culture? Would you enjoy some Deutsche Elektronische Musik? Perhaps the Son of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, sea songs and chanteys? It’s time to challenge your ears.

If you want the most cutting edge of tunes, they have all the Maccabees, Slaves, Sleaford Mods and JME a person could want, alongside huge collections from Springsteen, Elvis and Dylan. Te O.G’s that work there can help you find whatever you need, from the Little Red Box of Protest Songs to Blue Break Beats, a compilation of loads of original samples used in subsequent hip hop tunes.

Te whole of the history of music is right there, ripe for your borrowing pleasure. So borrow it, Norwich, borrow it all. Get your libizzle on this year and let’s have a rave up.


Stuck for something fun to do on the afternoon of Saturday 9th January? Weather pretty shitty and your pockets keep comin’ up with lint? Head down to the first Sonic Youths of 2016 in Norwich Arts Centre bar to see four youthful Norwich acts for absolutely NADA, 1-4pm. Plus, they have delish veggie burgers, tea, beer and all the treats.

Tis month you can enjoy...

CABRAKID Absolutely rad hip hop from a new Norwich crew

DOG’S DINNER Full on punk teens from the Naaaarch streets

MAYA LAW A punchy and unique singer songwriter

POPPY RAE READ Acoustic guitar plus a down to earth, rich voice? Check.


Tis year, Sonic Youths, who aim to showcase local new acts aged between 14 and 19 and give them their first step on the road to selling out the O2 will be happening every other month. Te bands are different every time and you can keep up on Twitter at @1419SonicYouths and on Facebook at .

Find out more info about Sonic Youths on the BBC Introducing in Norfolk YouTube channel, with a short movie made by young film makers at BBC Voices.

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