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Tis isn’t the first time Outline’s chatted to Huey from the Fun Lovin’ Criminals; in fact it’s the third time. We just can’t get enough ofhis smooth, bad ass New York self. 2016 sees the 20th anniversary of Come Find Yourself, the Criminals’ debut album and the mama of such stonkers as Scooby Snacks and King of New York. Huey and the boyz are coming back to UEA to play the whole thing in full, and I had a chat with the man himself to find out about his 6Music show, being in the Marines and one of his favourite bands, Norwich duo BK & Dad.

So Outline has interviewed you before in 2005 and 2010. What are your memories of playing Norwich on those occasions? Oh yeah! I remember one time in particular, in 2010; I had some last minute thing to do in London before the gig so I had to get a train up to Norwich. People on the train were saying “We’re going to see you tonight!” I showed up at UEA and there were people queuing up and saying “Shouldn’t you be inside?” I said “I’m going inside now! Don’t worry, get yourself a drink and I’ll be on stage as planned!” You’re touring to celebrate the 20th anniversary of your album Come Find Yourself. It spent a year in the UK charts; did you expect your debut album to do so

16 / January 2016/

well? Absolutely not. We were surprised that we got to put the record out in the first place. Being guys from New York who really don’t trust Te Man, we went into the studio and recorded the whole thing in five days and that was our first instance of distrusting the establishment. We didn’t really expect anything to happen with the record, which is why we recorded it so quickly before the record company changed their mind. We had everything prepared in advance, so we went in there and laid everything down. I remember the A&R guys coming in and asking how we were getting on and we were like “We’re done!”

Which tracks from that album are particularly special to you? I think any song on that record that people have a connection with is very important to us. Obviously Scooby Snacks, Te Fun Lovin’ Criminal and King of New York are the obvious ones but there are also songs like Methadonia which are really great, Te Grave and the Constant, Crime and Punishment..with songs like that it’ll be great to see the sort of people who react to them. We play for an audience rather than to them, it’s a bit of a different ethos where we come from. When you wrote this album, was it a joint effort? How did the songs come together? I think it’s interesting that you use the word ‘joint’ as there were LOTS of them! It was a very communal album. Working with the recording engineer Tim Latham was definitely the right thing to do. We

“ I’m in love with life!”

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