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9 Fire Star corresponds to Li T’ieh-Kuai, a beggar lean- ing on an iron staff, carrying a beggar’s gourd in which there is a scroll that is flying out and away. Li T’ieh-Kuai is a powerful magician who has the ablity to leave his body and fly into the heavens. His emblem is a pilgrim’s gourd, and he is sometimes represented riding on a crab, or accompanying a deer. He brings great luck and prosperity.

If you don’t know your birth star, here is how to find it. The cycle of the nine stars repeats every nine years. The stars for men and women are opposite and comple- mentary, the Taoist understanding being that women and men are mirrors of one another. Find your year star either by adding or subtracting 9 or multiples of 9 to or from your birth year until you come to one of the following.

1952 for men and women is 3 Wood Star 1953 for men is 2 Earth Star, and for women is 4 Wood Star 1954 for men is 1 Water Star, and for women is 5 Earth Star 1955 for men is 9 Fire Star, and for women is 6 Metal Star 1956 for men is 8 Earth Star, and for women is 7 Metal Star 1957 for men is 7 Metal Star, and for women is 8 Earth Star 1958 for men is 6 Metal Star, and for women is 9 Fire Star 1959 for men is 5 Earth Star, and for women in 1 Water Star 1960 for men is 4 Wood Star, and for women is 2 Earth Star

If, for example you are a woman born in 1980, you would subtract 27, a multiple of 9, and come to 1953, or 4 Wood Star. Or, if you are a man born in 1980, you would find that your birth star is 2 Earth.

The beginning of the solar new year can be reduced to an I Ching hexagram to tell us something about what the year means. Using the year, month, day and hour of the beginning of the solar year this year, we get Hexagram 11. Hexagram 11 is called Peace. Small things are fad- ing away, great things are coming. Great profits can be made on small investments. This hexagram is very fortunate when it comes in the spring, and this is the beginning of spring. The line in the hexagram given by our computation is the 5th line. It says “The emperor gives his daughter in marriage. Good fortune.” The meaning is “to rule is to serve.” Carry out what is right in a simple manner and you will enjoy good fortune.

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